Apostles of the Christ

Present clause is devoted to the nearest colleagues and pupils of Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust. Apostles of the Savior have given all life to service Christianity and distribution of the certificate on arrival to our world the Son of the God. We with infinite love and piety concern to all Apostles of the Christ.

Thus we understand that great works and the feats of Apostles described in Acts have undergone concerning recent editing and falsification with good intentions, which the road in hell is paved. We shall try to separate seeds from weeds and to show true essence of acts of Apostles, and also times of Vita these.

Let's place the initial data on the first Apostles and relatives of the Christ in the Table No. 1, Seventy disciples – Apostles of the Christ in the Table No. 2 and Equal Apostles of Christ in the Table No. 3. In tables we shall note names of hermits Apostles, their origin, places of their spiritual service and death. The information we shall display on geographical map of the Mediterranean where red lines and font we shall show names of relatives of the Christ and the first Apostles, and black lines and font names Seventy disciples and Equal Apostles of Savior.

Let's note that in our reconstruction of history of Christianity Jerusalem is city and fortress Yoros (Jerus) in northern part of modern Istanbul – Constantinople, in the past of Rome or New Rome. True Jerusalem was on coast Propontis – Bosporus, whence Apostles made travel by the ships or on foot on all region of the Mediterranean. Constantinople is New Rome, the part of city referred to Byzantium, and northern area of Constantinople through a passage the Gold Horn was called Galatia.

As Galatia the Asian half of modern Istanbul where Christ was crucifixion on mountain Golgotha, Head of Adam or Heraclius Box (is modern mountain Bejkos) also referred to. In total in pair kilometers from Golgotha there is Empty Tomb on territories of city and fortress Yoros or Jerusalem. In due time about Empty Tomb the Church of the Nike of Jesus Christ which domes towered above passage Propontis or Bosporus has been constructed and were well visible on the approach of the ships from Black Sea – Pontus to New Rome.

Let's look closely at our Tables and map. The greatest concentration of places of service and death of relatives and Jesus Christ's pupils are at all in Palestine. They are located around of New Rome – Constantinople and on all territory of Roman Empire – Byzantium in modern Greece and Turkey.

Traditional historiography of Christianity at support Judaism and the text of Acts of the New Testament categorically assert that say the first apostles on the missionary travel went to synagogues of set of the Greek and Roman cities of Roman Empire. In these synagogues they preached Christianity for Jews and pagans, synagogues became the first stronghold of Christianity in the pagan world. It turns out, that synagogues were in tens cities of Roman Empire. Hence, there were Jewish diaspora and set of Jews. Churchmen speak us – yes, the Christianity was distributed through the Jewish synagogues. Nobody asks question how the Roman and Greek authorities have resolved build of these synagogues?

The answer to this rhetorical question is simple by no means could not the Roman or Greek authorities resolve the sermon Judaism and construction of synagogues on the grounds. It is simply impossible, such idea – nonsense and heresy. There is no Roman document allowing construction of synagogues in Roman Empire. In fact Rome recognized only cult of the Roman pantheon of gods and close to it cult of Pantheon of Olympic gods. Disbelief in the Pantheon of the Roman gods was punished by death. In days of the New Testament under the official version of history of territory of modern Greece and Turkey almost two hundred years were part of Roman Empire. What Jews are in territory of Empire? What is it synagogues in Roman Empire and Rome?

Besides we shall look at names of hundred relatives and Jesus Christ's pupils. With the big stretch we can attribute to Jews only ten person. Other pupils had the Greek or Roman origin. According to modern Christian and Jewish seminary students leaves that the mentioned Greeks and Romans professed Judaism in synagogues, and then became adherents of Christianity. Such absurd cannot be authentic for the clever and educated person especially believing in the God. It turns out, that all apostles have twice broken laws of empire and have changed the belief. For the first time they have exchanged the Pantheon of the Roman gods on Judaism, and in second time have replaced Judaism with Christianity.

It is true lays very far from the Church inventions, called to invest with the truthful form lie and falsification of history of Christianity.

In the beginning of the first century there were no yet Judaismа and Jews, adherents of belief in the Uniform God, the Creator of the universe and all real. At this time there were no synagogues, Jews and the Jewish diasporas in tens cities of Roman Empire. Jesus Christ was not crucifixion in first half first centuries as was not born yet.

In the first century of our era in 7 or 9 the founder and the ideological inspirer of Christianity and Monotheism – Ugrian Khagane Tash Bash (Ar Tash Artan) becoming emperor Titus Vespasianus Flavius was born. In Old Testament the Tash Bash has got under name Abraham. Titus Vespasianus Flavius was the first Christian Pontifex Maximus who has proved the theory of pure birth, death and revival for the third day of the Savior of mankind is the Christ.

The Roman authorities many centuries imposed to all won countries and people belief in the Pantheon of gods, building temples and heathen temples on all Empire. Only in IV century Emperor Theodosius Great has issued the Decree in which have recognized Christian Churches as unique lawful religious constructions in Roman Empire.

Christians waited birth of the Savior almost one thousand years. These years are described in the Old Testament. Antiquated Christians created the theory and practice of Christianity, built and opened monasteries, Churches and temples. There were the first sacred and prophets, were written psalms and prays, were formed customs and holidays of ancient Christians.

In X century in family of Ugrian Tsars of branch of Rurikovich the girl Mary (Maria), daughter of Equal Apostles Prince Vladimir – Basil and Empress Anna Macedonian has appeared. Maria has chosen the vital path – service to the God. In 980 it is pure John Baptist, then – God Jesus Zlatoust was born in the beginning.

The world around of New Rome and the adjoining countries is sated with religious variety. In VII century there are new religions of Monotheism – the Islam and Judaism. The Islam grasps huge territories of the East and the Volga region. A part of Ugrian Tsars become Moslems. After the Babylon capture of Semites by Persians in first half VII centuries arise the Judaism. The most part of the states of the east become Muslim, and the strongest state of Caucasus and the Bottom Volga region accepts Judaism. In territory of Palestine there are mosques and synagogues. All religions of Monotheism with deep respect concern to the main temple of the east – Churches Qubbat Al Sakhrah that has been constructed on Mountain Temple by Khagane Solomon, it is Emperor Justinian II Rhinotmetos in 710th. The local small town has the Arabian name is Al Quds, and at all Jerusalem, as nowadays.

In Rome on Bosporus – Propontis is regular crucified on life-giving cross of the next Prophet naming by the Messiah and the Savior. For ceremony of the crucifixion the special cross brought in Constantinople from Palestine is used.

The first antiquated Millennium of Christianity comes to an end. In the beginning of the second Millennium after 1000 years on the river Jordan there is Prophet – John Baptist of Forerunner. It collects pupils and christens people in waters of Jordan, foretelling occurrence of the Savior. Thus it perfectly knows Jesus Zlatoust, the friend to children's days on life on the native land – in Russ. The kin of Russ – Rurikovich – Flavius has done the utmost for becoming Christianity on the Earth and occurrences of the Christ. Emperors, Khaganes, Tsars and Khans put huge means in construction and strengthening of the Christian communities, temples and monasteries. Thousand-year work pending the Christ approached the wreath.

In 1009 Jesus Zlatoust from the Volga region comes on foot to Damascus where visits the Ummayya Mosque at that time are Christian temple. Then it is sent to Jordan to John Baptist who christens his water and Holy Spirit. In Jesus Zlatoust's road accompanies with Mother Mary. Jesus Zlatoust's first pupils it is John Baptist's pupils, all Christians of the Greek origin. Soon there are some pupils from Palestine, Jews on belief.

Jesus Zlatoust with pupils comes in city Al Quds in Christian temple Qubbat Al Sakhrah. For that moment Ale Quds is one of the centers of monotheism, embodying idea about sacred hailstones Jerusalem though still very few people so names it.

The savior with pupils is sent from Ale Qudsа in travel, duration in one year. The problem it sees attraction in the supporters of representatives of various branches of the monotheism existing already independently is Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Therefore among his pupils there are Christians and Jews. Probably, someone from pupils was Moslem, but we cannot assert it yet. In fact all believing in the uniform God wait for arrival of the Messiah already hundred years.

Jesus Zlatoust's missionary expedition goes to New Rome – Constantinople that in capital of Empire to ratify the New Testament of Christianity. The savior with pupils moves on coasting courts and on foot between cities of modern Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. On road new pupils and followers join it. Jesus reads the sermons in the Christian temples scattered on cities and lands of Byzantium. His claims for role of the Messiah meet active resistance of the Christian clergy seeing in it only the swindler and the impostor.

On our deep belief Jesus Zlatoust reads well-known Sermon of the Mount on Athos where already there are first Christian monasteries – Lavra of Saint Athanasius (Great Lavra), Vatopedi and Iviron. There it secures with support of monks and clergymen. After his visit of the Savior new monasteries – Karakallou, Philotheou, Stavronikita, Xenophontos, Esphigmenou, St. Panteleimon and Konstamonitou are under construction.

According to our reconstruction of history, for Easter in April 1010 Jesus Zlatoust with pupils and Virgin enter through Golden Gate of Constantinople into capital of Empire. In city of it supporters and patrons – Emperor and his relatives from kin of Russ – Flavius for long time wait. The Virgin is met by its mother Empress Anna Macedonian (Byzantium) in palace in Blachernae – Russ area of Tsargrad. After Anna's death in 1011 the palace takes over Maria Vladimirovna.

Jesus Christ Zlatoust preaches the doctrine in the Temple of Hagia Sophia. In Constantinople he stops in area Galata, that on northern part of the Gold Horn. Every day with pupils is forwarded through the Gold Horn by boat. Christians closely listen to the applicant for role of the Messiah. Among Constantinople clergy of the Patriarchy plot on elimination of the dangerous preacher ripens. After the Last Supper in Galata (Galatia), Jesus Zlatoust with pupils leaves in Galata garden where on ruins of tower prays to the God Father. On place of pray hardly later Genoese’s have erected the new tower named till now the Tower of Jesus.

At night on Passionate Friday Jesus Zlatoust has been arrested in Galata garden and sent on court in Church of Apostles where subject to castigation. There the pillar of castigation which is nowadays transferred in Saint George's Church was kept. Thus, Jesus was judged not by Jews, and by the real Christians expecting arrival of the Messiah. The Roman Emperor is the close relative of the Virgin and Jesus Zlatoust did not begin to interfere with court as devoted people expected the predicted miracle – revival of the Savior for the third day after death.

In result Jesus Christ has been condemned for death through the crucifixion on life-giving cross. In his afternoon by the ship has transported from the Gold Horn on Propontis (Bosporus) to Golgotha (nowadays mountain Bejkos) in the Asian part of Galatia. To place of death of the Christ pupils and relatives accompanied. After death on cross body of the Savior have transported in the next city Yoros (2 kilometers on coast) and it is buried in Tomb (coffin) which have closed by round stone. The Tomb has been cut in rock, as well as many other tombs for rich Romans. As it is necessary on Scripts, for the third day God has left Empty Tomb safe and has joined grieving pupils.

After farewell and Ascension God has gone with the trusted pupils, including Judas, back on the east, has visited on road Damascus, and has turned in Paul's supporters. Subsequently Jesus Zlatoust has bypassed all globes on regular basis visiting Mother Maria and close pupils in territory of Byzantium.

On place of Empty Tomb for protection the fortress and Nike of Jesus Christ's Church about 1055 have been erected. The surrounding port and city have received name Yoros or Jerusalem. Actual Yoros became the religious center of Christianity in which there was miracle of revival of the Savior. Yoros it was used by apostles of the Christ as base for missionary travel across Pontus, Propontis and to Mediterranean Sea. Pupils moved by the passing ships or on foot.

In execution of the Savior took part Roman centurion Cornelius and Longinus (it come from Cappadocia). According to orthodox tradition centurions became preachers of Christianity in Misia and Cappadocia. Misia is located from Constantinople through Marmara Sea on distance 100 km, and Cappadocia on distance 400 km. At the same time, distance up to these places from Palestine is 1100 km. Hence, places of spiritual service of centurions Cornelius and Longinus completely confirm our reconstruction of the New Testament and deny traditional.

Apostolic activity of colleagues of Jesus Christ Zlatoust has come across active counteraction of existing Church hierarches and all clergy. Process of acceptance of the New Testament by Christian Church has borrowed some decades. Apostles were exposed to persecutions and tortures, at times local Churchmen executed them for the sermon. Thus we understand that they sincerely trusted in arrival of the Savior, but could not accept it in Jesus Christ Zlatoust's shape and his devotees. It is possible to assert a priori, that acceptance of the New Testament has led to split (Schism) of Orthodox and Catholic Churches in 1054 and has finally come to the end with Catholic Church by the moment of the beginning of crusades at the end of XI century in 1096.

The New Testament in due course has won all Christian Church with small deviations in various regions and dioceses. The part of Jews has accepted the New Testament. However the most part Jews has rejected the Christ as it was not Jew on birth. Till now Jews expect arrival of Messiah. Theological such event to take place cannot any more.

Moslems in the beginning accepted Jesus Christ as the Prophet and the Son of the God then the Islam as whole began to esteem it only the Prophet. Recognition of merits of Jesus Christ is election as his Emir of Mecca under name Isa ibn Jafar (Jesus the Son of the Paradise Well or Jesus the Son of the God) in 980-994.

Apostles of the New Testament tried to be built in existing Church hierarchy. According to the Church legend the first Apostle Linus, and through one Pope is Apostle Clemens who has accepted martyr death in Crimea was Pope Peter then. We should understand that in Holy Roman Empire in days of Vita of Apostles for long time there was an institute of papacy, therefore there were lawful Popes. Apostles of the Christ began to apply for their place, trying to grasp Church authority in Catholic Church.

Hence, in the list of Popes of XI century it is necessary to search for Apostles among names of Antipopes. In 1012 Antipope Gregory IV (papacy 1012) which can be identified with Apostle Peter has been elected and expelled. Later the Pope was Clemens II (papacy of 1046-1047) and Aantipope Clemens III (papacy of 1080-1100). It is obvious that Pope Clemens is identical to Apostle Clemens. Apostle Linus can correspond to Antipope Benedict X (papacy 1058-1059) or Honorius II (papacy of 1061-1072).

The similar history should occur to Chapters of Constantinople Patriarchy. We believe that Patriarch Eustathius (service of 1019-1025) corresponds to apostle Stachys, Bishop of Byzantium. Patriarch Alexius (service of 1025-1043) is identical to Apostle Onesimus.

Attribution of Popes and Constantinople Patriarchs with Apostles of the Christ are represented with independent interest and becomes subject of special research.

According to our belief and historic facts, Virgin Mary has lived long life more than 100 years. The Virgin lived in Ephesus, Turkey she was on Cyprus, Athos, Dalmatia and in other dioceses. In New Rome – Constantinople she owned palace of mother Empress Anna in Blachernae where on regular basis appeared after travel. In second half XI centuries Pure Virgin began to prepare itself for place of calm. For this purpose she has chosen capital of Russ – the Kiev city. Two monks Antony and Theodosius is trusted people of the Virgin there have tied. They have based Kiev Pechersk Lavra in 1051.

The Virgin has personally employed and has sent builders Cathedral of the Dormition from Constantinople, has given them money, sacred power and other relics of Christianity. Then she has sent to Kiev icon painters, having paid to them for works and training of Russian artists to skill Greek icon style. These wonderful events have taken place in 1053-1065. However the Cathedral of the Dormition has been incorporated under the official version in 1073, but agrees Stories of Time Years (STY) it already operated in 1072. Thus we know that dating of Russ annals are overestimated, as in STY flash of the Supernova Star in 1065 is described. Actually the phenomenon has taken place in 1054 that speaks about mistake of dating of the middle of XI century for 11 years.

Act of apostles and relatives of the Christ are traced during all XI century in historical chronicles, artifacts and Church traditions. As result of domination of the forged history of the Christianity which have rejected events of the New Testament in I century, in icon-painting, chronicles and works of art the freakish image bound antique and medieval plots of Christianity. Actually medieval orders, subjects of life and clothes in art Christian products are true certificates of an epoch of the New Testament.

In the conclusion we shall note that the analysis of acts, places of service, death and burial places of apostles and Jesus Christ's relatives prove the validity of our belief according to which events of the New Testament occurred in X-XI centuries of our era in territory of the Byzantium Empire, of Holy Roman Empire, Russia and the surrounding states. Overwhelming majority of apostles had the Byzantium origin therefore cradle of Christianity is Constantinople – Jerusalem in which there are basic certificates and artifacts of celebration of Vita and Feat of Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust and his devoted pupils and fellow campaigner.

Pontifex Maximus, Grand Prince,
Professor, Doctor of history and theology,
Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev

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