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News of Sacred Russia 12.02.2011: Gene of Absolute power

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11.02.2011 on NTV during the most rating time – evening of Friday show of state of Emergency Investigation Impostors, and then show Gene of Absolute power journalist Paul Lobkov have left. In a telecast Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev has been shown.

Grand Prince Valery Viktorovich Kubarev at the end of 2010 has taken part in shootings prospective show of NTV Applicants for a throne of Russia. After record of interview the channel of NTV as the megaphone of a ruling mode, has tried to discredit honor and advantage of Grand Prince and used materials of shootings in the program Impostors which have left in an ether 11.02.2011 at 20-30 Moscow time. Valeriy Kubarev did not give the right of NTV on autocratic duplicating his interview in doubtful transfers where the management of NTV has put Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev in one number with impostors of various colors of show business and policy.
However ideologists of a ruling Kremlin clique were mistaken. They not in a rate, that Princes of Sacred Russ are Princes by the right of a birth from the father to the son, and this right does not depend on presence or absence of titles, patents, the grounds or a recognition or non-recognition by broad masses. Therefore Prince cannot be the impostor a priori as it is called for service of Russia and Russian people by Sir God. Besides own title of Grand Prince of All Russia of Valeriy Kubarev proves to be true a title of Grand Prince Rurikovich of Imperial Sovereign House Rurikovich.

NTV has shown the reporting on Grand Prince during the most rating time of the Russian TV, the whole 6 minutes there was a direct dialogue of Prince with people. Transfer have looked tens millions person and have learned about existence of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev. Therefore Fund of Princes perceives this negative action of NTV as free-of-charge advertising Sacred Russia and majestic activity of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. In fact after Impostors Paul Lobkova's show is Gene of Absolute power where the journalist carried out testing DNA of celebrated personalities of a political arena of Russia has left. Lobkov persistently tries to find a gene of the political leader only among representatives of invaders of Russia of a known nationality. All his transfers about genetics impose to people an idea what operate people representatives of «the elected nation» can only. We want to upset Lobkov and his colleagues – Gene of Absolute power for a long time is found among people are genes Svyatoruss, Princes of Sacred Russ Rurikovich. The gene of Absolute power is given Svyatoruss from Sirs God. «The elected nation» is impostors who have appropriated such right methods of propagation and a deceit of peoples. Therefore authority Svyatoruss is from the God, and « the elected nation » is from the Satan.

We express gratitude to workers of NTV for popularization of activity of Grand Prince for the blessing of Russia and Russian people.

Next day on Saturday 11.02.2011 ruling Kremlin mode has thought suddenly, having understood, that Grand Prince became known to all Russian people, and has engaged in destruction of proofs about TV-show. The most part of link and records of the program Impostors any more do not work. For example, the link of viewing of show to an original site of NTV does not work (look in Archive):


Today there was all a pair resources on the Internet where still it is possible to look and record show, for example, it can be made under the link:


Let's return to TV-show Impostors. As opponents of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev Prince Grigory Gagarin, chairman of Russian Nobiliary Assembly (RNA), and genealogist RNA and House of Romanov mister Stanislav Dumin have acted. Prince Gagarin has expressed cautious opinion, that in his opinion Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev is not Rurikovich. Dumin in general has declared, that the general ancestor of it, Valeriy Kubarev and Rurik veins 2000 years ago, that is till a birth itself Rurik (1200 years ago), therefore, say, Kubarev cannot be Rurikovich. Prince Gagarin also has told that Rurikovich’s know about Valeriy Kubarev's activity, but he in a head there did not come an idea to demand the Kremlin from authorities.

Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev position Rurikovich, haplogroup N1c1, having does not surprise princely titles in Romanov's House. These Rurikovich for a long time have lost the Gene of Authority, strength of mind and the sovereignty. They many centuries are Romanov-Goldshtain-Gottop court servants who since XVIII century became Germans, haplogroup R1b1. We would like to ask Prince Gagarin and his relatives Rurikovich from RNA as happened, that representatives of imperial Sort Svyatoruss Rurikovich became servants of the lackeys – Romanovs. Vassal dependence on invaders of Russia and Russian empire has transformed official Rurikovich into weak-willed slaves to a ruling mode which and today worship any authority, if only to not take part in a policy and protection of Russian people against usurpers of authority. In fact about existence of Prince Grigory Gagarin and Rurikovich people have learned on NTV due to activity of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev, rather the reverse.

All political responsibility for clearing of Russian people from authority of impostors and invaders was undertaken by Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich which sort stayed in obscurity all long years of board of Romanovs and Bolsheviks. Today there has come time of the Renaissance of a great dynasty which should make independently of the decision and struggle for freedom and civil rights of all Russian people.

Some words to Prince Gagarin and Dumin would be desirable to tell.

Look at DNA-Tests on 25 markers in standard Family Tree DNA of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev, Prince Grigory Gagarin and Stanislav Dumin.

V. Kubarev 14 23 14 11 11 13 11 12 10 14 14 30 16 10 10 11 12 25 14 19 31 14 14 15 15
A. Gagarin 14 23 14 11 11 13 11 12 10 14 14 30 18 9 9 11 12 25 14 19 29 14 14 15 15

V. Dumin 14 23 15 11 11 13 11 12 11 13 15 29 17 9 9 11 12 25 14 19 27 14 14 15 15

The gene of Absolute power is present at Princes Kubarev and Gagarin.

Kubarev and Gagarin are close relatives which sorts have gone away only 900 years ago. The first panels of loci DNA (the first 12 parameters) are completely identical. There are minimal distinctions of all in 4 markers on 6 single-step mutations in the second panel. These are practically identical genes in view of natural mutations.

Genes of Dumin essentially differ from Kubarev and Gagarin already in the first panel of loci where there are differences in 5 markers. It speaks about distant related communication of all considered persons. In total Kubarev and Dumin have differences in 9 markers on 11 single-step mutations. It speaks that Kubarev and Gagarin Rurikovich, and mister Dumin is their distant relative, but all the same concerns to imperial sort Svyatoruss, the Sort of Sacred Russ. Kubarev, Gagarin and Dumin are ethnic Finno-Ugrian, haplogroup N1c1, from the Volga region, Arias of a planet the Earth.

Therefore we do not hold evil on our brothers and cousins of Prince Gagarin and Dumin.

We hope that the voice of blood appears more strongly the circumstances which have compelled our brothers to serve to the House of Romanovs, usurping authority in Russia in 1613. Fund of Princes and Assembly of Princes always hold the doors open for all Rurikovich and are glad to finding of new participants.


The picture story about TV-show Gene of Absolute power and Impostors.

Prompt of TV-show Gene of Absolute power:

Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev:

Genealogist Stanislav Dumin:

Prince Grigory Gagarin:

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