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News of Sacred Russia 25.08.2011: under threat of failure of action on celebrating the 1150-anniversary of origin of the Russian statehood.

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Fund of Princes has received from Ministry of culture the Russian Federation and ROC letters from which follows, that the Government of the Russian Federation ignores the Decree № 267 from 03.03.2011 the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev and Russian Church is not interested in celebration of Grand Prince Rurik.

It was found out, that the program of celebrating of the 1150-anniversary of origin of the Russian statehood in 2012 will not be financed by the Government of the Russian Federation properly. In particular, Fund of Princes has received the letter № 5422-01-64/01-АБ from 08.08.2011, signed by the Deputy Minister of culture A.E. Busygin. The citation from the letter:

« According to the letter of Governmental body of the Russian Federation from July 8, 2011 № П44-28437 about offers of Fund of Princes … in the plan of celebrating of the 1150-anniversary of Russian statehood Ministry of culture of Russia informs.
… Taking into account necessity of optimization of charges of the federal budget, anniversary actions will be carried out in 2012 within the limits of the means stipulated in the federal budget to interested federal enforcement authorities and the Russian academy of sciences.
In this connection it is expedient to initiators of projects to consider an opportunity of realization of actions within the framework of inappropriate assignments »

Actually the Government of the Russian Federation has refused to finance almost all actions of Fund in 2012. Thus the Ministry of culture has agreed to support festival of choral singing on share conditions. Under our information practically all other organizations which have put forward the offers in the plan of solemn actions of 2012, have received similar refusals. To find inappropriate assignments for these purposes it is represented by the extremely improbable event.

Fund of Princes has received also the answer from Patriarchy ROC concerning to the initiative of Fund on canonization Rurik, as regal благоверного the monarch – the founder of the Russian statehood. The letter № O-034 from 15.08.2011 has come from the Synod commission on canonization sacred, signed by hegumen Joseph (Krukov). The citation is:

« According to Definition of the Sacred Synod from July 7, 1989: «... The initiative about excitation of questions on canonization should proceed from the Sacred Synod or from ruling Firsts Priest bishops ». Laymen and the public organizations esteeming the devotee of piety, on all questions of his glorification address to ruling Firsts Priest. The bishop on a place collects a necessary historical material and certificates on sanctity of the devotee, carries out research of a question and the conclusions, results of work represents or to the Most Holy Patriarch, or is direct in the Commission.
Taking into account above marked, the Synod commission on canonization sacred cannot accept your application to consideration. I recommend you to direct your inquiry to the commission on canonization sacred to the Moscow diocese »

Actually ROC has sent us the formal reply caused by unwillingness of church to discuss a question on canonization Rurik. In fact we have addressed directly to the Patriarch Moscow and All Russia to Cyril is Firsts Priest to the bishop of the Moscow diocese.

We believe that the similar bureaucratic attitude to the important cultural–historical, state and religious question, and also game in ping-pong by letters do not correspond to pious aspirations ROC in business of education and education at believers of respect for founders of the Russian statehood and the Orthodox Church.

News of Holy Russia 26.03.2017: The Marche against corruption forbidden by authorities has taken place in Moscow.
Grand Prince Prof. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has taken part in the national Marche against corruption forbidden by the Kremlin authorities. Action has passed from 14 till 16 o'clock in the Tver Street of Moscow. Marche has visited more than twenty thousand Muscovites and visitors of capital. Goings resignation of Prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev and all Kremlin organized criminal grouping demanded.

News of Holy Russia 27.02.2017: Assignment of Titles of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Titles Baron of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Archbishop Prof. Dr. Joseph Solace Rankin and Bishop Bernardo Saturnin Moutou are granted.

News of Holy Russia 17.02.2017: Assignment of Titles of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Title of Count of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Metropolitan of New York and All-America of Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church the Most Rev. Michael Javchak and Title Baroness to Natalia Trushechkina are granted. Count Vladyka Michael Javchak is appointed by Metropolitan of New York and USA of Nova Church of Holy Russia.

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