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It would be desirable to pay attention believing people, and also Orthodox priests and seminary students, to the fact of that the Christianity has arisen not on an empty place, and was a product of evolutionary development of religions of mankind. Essence of all religions in existence is of the Uniform God, who has created the universe and mankind.

There is the most ancient reference written on a Sanskrit which has been created long before the Bible. It is Vedas product about God and deities. We shall result the citation from book Viasadeva Shrila, Tsar Puran-dzhan, 26 Chapter (link
http://lib.rin.ru/doc/i/43131p.html ):

1. Narada uvacha
2. sa ecada maheshvaso ratham panchashvam ashu-gam
dvisham dvi-chakram ecasham tree-venum pancha-bandhuram
3. eca-pashmi eca-damanam eca-nidam dvi-kubaram
pancha-praharanam sapta varutham pancha-vicramam
4. haimopaskaram aruhia svarna-varmacshaieshudhih
ecadasha-chamu-nathah pancha-prastham agad vanam

Literal translation under the reference:

1. Narada has told.
2. Tsar – somehow time – bearing the mighty bow and arrows – chariot – five horses – very fast – two arrows – two wheels – one – an axis – three flags – five obstacles.
3. One – cord – one – rider – one – seat – two – shafts – five – kinds of the weapon – seven – environments – five – processes.
4. Gold – ornaments – leaving on – gold – armor – inexhaustible – the quiver – eleven – military leaders – five – purposes – has gone – to forest.

"Literary" translation of fragment on source says:

« Great wise man Narada continued: dear tsar, once Puran-dzhan has dressed gold armor and, having taken the mighty bow and quiver with uncountable arrows, sat on chariot, with five fast horses, and accompanied by eleven
Military leaders has gone to wood Pancha-prastha. On this chariot tsar carried two explosive arrows. At the chariot were two wheels, fixed on one axis. On chariot there was three flags, one cord, one rider, one seat, two shafts, she has been supplied with five kinds of the weapon, and it had seven external coverings. The chariot moved in five ways, and on its way laid five obstacles. All ornaments on chariot have been made of gold »

If to compare translation to the literal text it becomes clear, that the author of translation has simply sounded the imaginations, not understanding essence of the text. And how it is possible to harness five horses in two shafts, anybody till now has not thought up.

Actually in this fragment Chariot of Kubar or the Chariot of God (Cub) that is the meditation allowing the operator to move in space is described and to work wonders. It is the most surprising in these verses that there is directly spoken about « dvi kubaram » (two kubar). It is the literal text written many thousand years ago. I write these lines and my Russian surname is Kubarev. It is difficult to name this concurrence by accident. As on our researches name Kubar corresponds to the God of the Sun or the God Father, or Cub.

Let's preliminary make explanatory’s and it is recoverable wrong, in our opinion, literally transferred words. Cub it is not necessary to put five horses to the Chariot. It is absolutely not animal-drawn vehicle. We believe that it not horses, and the devices creating traction efforts. Such engines can be sense organs – sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and sensations. These engines fast, as prompt arrow. Then the description of the Chariot of Cub follows.

She will consist of two chakra (electric systems), and at all wheels which rotate around of one axis. Three flags it not banners, and measurements or axes of coordinates. Obstacles it is natural environments through which the chariot can move, they can be quantum field (ether), air, water, fire and the ground. Under other Chinese version of elements this tree, fire, the ground, metal and water.

The Chariot of Cub copes is one operator (equestrian) and two cubes (kubares) which are supervised by five sense organs and create seven levels of protection and influence five elements. Seven vaults of protection, probably, mean the cocoons entered in sphere of Leonardo.

Tsar or the operator travels in the Chariot of Cub in gold armor and ornaments, has an inexhaustible energy source and is accompanied by eleven military leaders or Guardian Angels.

Now we shall make correct, from our point of view, translation of the ancient text.

« Tsar in gold armor with bow and arrows flied on the Chariot of Cub which moved in three measurements and five environments. The engine has consisted of two cubes promptly rotating around of prana in the opposite parties. The chariot coped five sense organs of the tsar sitting inside. She had seven vaults of protection, ruled over five elements, possessed an inexhaustible stock of energy and was accompanied by eleven Guardian Angels »

Sava – Father or Svarog, Kubrus of the God Father, the God Son and the image of the pigeon.

Let's explain told above. The Chariot of Cub is formed during meditation of the operator or the God. Driving force of the device are the spatial cubes rotating with speed of 9/10 speeds of light, that is speed of movement electrons on an orbit around of atoms. This speed all our material universe is adjusted. The operator operates meditation and moving of a chariot by the sense organs. In result the pilot can travel by air, in water, in the ground, on fire or plasma, and also in vacuum. It can move between any points of purpose, fly between planets and star systems by disappearances and restoration in global quantum field. During work of chariot the operator can create material subjects, environments, to operate elements. Elements can be used as the weapon. For the external observer of action of the operator look as miracles. For example, it is not known whence in hands of the operator there can be valuable things or food stuffs, it can go on water or fly by air. In the military purposes the operator is capable to generate lightning’s, to form storms, a tornado or earthquakes, also it is possible to create vacuum hole or quantum dispersion of the opponent – annihilation.

From time immemorial the image of the Chariot of God or Cub in Sumer was kept. The ancient god Sumer named Assur in perusal from right to left, but at usual reading the name sounded as Русса. Local residents also named Russa a name the Kura which in Bulgarian (Volga) chronicles is written as Kubara. On clay plate god Russa is shown with bow and quiver arrows, sitting in chariot in the form of circle with invisible wings. Inside circle or wheel eight spokes. Therefore to one of symbols of god Russa began an eight-final star.

It is obvious, that the ancient picture primitively represents the Chariot of God as sphere of Leonardo with entered in it two spatial cubes which projection to a plane forms an eight-final star. We shall note identity of Chariots of God Russa and Arias tsar Purandzhan. In Russia is Aries Puran-dzhan by Rurikovich and behind them Slavs is named Perun.

Assur – Russa (Kura, Kubar) in the Chariot of Cub.

Assur – Russa (Kura, Kubar) in the Chariot of Cub with the big wings.

Symbol Assur – Russa and Chariots of Cub.

Now we shall look at Andrew Rublev's well-known icon Spas in forces, written in far 1408. On an icon Jesus Christ sitting on throne and holding Sacred Book is represented. Around of the Savior strictly on vertical axis of prana two red rhombuses, personifying the spatial cubes, entered in sphere of Leonardo are located. The sphere is drawn as spatial cocoon of the oval form. Spas in forces in our understanding are Jesus Christ in the Chariot of Cub means.

Jesus Christ Zlatoust was the true God Son, therefore by mature years in perfection has seized meditation the Chariot of Cub or Kubar. God used the divine energy for treatment of people, revivals, demonstrations of miracles both the various help to people and believing Christians. Thus it tried to not use fighting properties of the Chariot of the God though could prevent the sufferings and the crucifixion. Sometimes it had to influence severely opponents, depriving with their sight, paralyzing or blinding radiant light. The most part of New Testament Bible miracles is caused by influence of the Chariot of God.

Has rescued in forces or Jesus Christ in the Chariot of Cub.

Virgin Maria Vladimirovna also has seized meditation the Chariot of God and used her for treatment of people, creation of the Cover, and also holographic images of various objects. For example, in Russian annals is Paterik of Kiev-Pechersky Laurels, the phenomenon of the volumetric image of Church of Dormition of the Virgin before architects in Tsargrad is described. Maria Vladimirovna has shown to architects the project of construction all over again in palace in Blachernae and then on district in Kiev.

The Virgin with baby Jesus in the Chariot of Cub.

We suggest using divine qualities of the Chariot of God for protection of believing people and all planets during our restless time of approach of world cataclysm. Achievement of peak efficiency of meditation will need teamwork and association of efforts of millions simple people. The general pray and meditation will create on the Earth new formation of human civilization – network consciousness or reason. Nobody will be higher or is lower than another, everyone will keep the individuality, and everyone will be colleagues of construction of new reality.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus,

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


The night Earth from space, fires – people, symbols of terrestrial network reason.

News of Holy Russia 05.05.2024: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

News of Holy Russia 11.04.2024: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Title Baron of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich on Knight Christian Francois Balfroid. Viscount Masaru Kamitani was appointed Ambassador of Culture of Holy Russia and the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Japan.

News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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