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In total given clause contains 95 illustrations, including - more than 60 original photos of fortress Yoros made by the author. They can be looked under the link:

The majority of people on the Earth believe that the locations of Empty Tomb and New Testament Bible events are well-known and there is no need to search for true among elements of the mosaic combined by centuries. However, we shall not be guided by opinion of billions people scooping the knowledge in modern encyclopedias and school textbooks. Therefore admirers of stereotypes and iridescent clichés can not waste time on reading of this work. The true lays where that beside, but not in textbooks and the theological works copied at will authority proper tying for strengthening of the greatness.

So, we shall designate canons of belief of Nova Church of Sacred Russia, dating and geography of bible events and we shall try to lead attribution of True Empty Tomb.

The main difference of our position from conventional consists in interpretation Nicaea – Tsar Grad Creed. Expression Crucifixion for us at Pontius Pilate means not name of the person, and a geographical place on Bosporus. The citation should be understood so is Crucifixion for us on Pro Pontius Galata or Golgotha. Pro Pontius Galata it is well-known is name of passage Bosporus (Pro Pontius) and the grounds on a joint of Europe and Asia to the north and the east from the Gold Horn. In the past northern part of territory of modern Turkey and referred to – Galata.

Let's briefly describe our reconstruction of events of Shabby and New Precepts.

The Christianity has been conceived and created by Emperor of Rome Titus Vespasianus Glavius in I century (it was born in 9). The first Pontifex Maximus of Christianity lived long decades in Palestine, Arabia and Egypt. It was distinguished by destruction of the Jewish state and destruction of Jerusalem. In Bulgarian (Volga region) chronicles of it name Tash Bash (7-157). Old Testament calls his patriarch Abraham. In our opinion and the scientific data the first Flavius was ethnic Ugrian (Gaplogroup N1c1) both primogenitor of dynasty Flavius and Russ in our era. Not without reason Romans in honor of respect for the founder of Christianity have named our era an epoch of Christianity. In fact Jesus Christ was not born yet, and the first Christians centuries expected arrival of the Savior.

The first millennium was the period of antiquated Christianity. Lineal descendants of Titus Vespasianus Flavius became the new patriarchs of the mankind who have made numerous religious feats in the name of new belief. The grandson of the first Flavius by name Equal Apostles Sacred Emperor Constantine Great (Bulgarian–Russian name Barys or Kubar) and his mother concubine (the civil wife) Equal Apostles Sacred Elena is Rome and Tsar Grad have created New Rome (330) on Bosporus which Constantinople began to refer to. Thus city dwellers and citizens of Empire named it simply Rome and Jerusalem, as heart of Empire and the religious center of the world. Constantine Great has recognized Christianity to equal other religions of Empire and has actually given to it the state status. Constantine and Elena have constructed special Christian Temple on Temple Mountain of the Palestinian Jerusalem. The Rock of Cub or the Bases symbolized the beginning of an epoch of the Christianity created on this place by Emperor Titus Vespasianus Flavius – Abraham, and also sacral event – attempt of bringing Abraham of son Isaac in victim to the God.

Grandson of Constantine Great by name Emperor Theodosius Great (Bulgarian-Russian name Arbat, Khagan 378-402) has made bible feats Moses (almost 40 years of moving of Israelis from the Volga region across Europe), having received for merits military rank – Leader Moesiea (Dux Moesiea). The name Roman provinces Moesia on the Balkans and Black Sea has got nominal value the Messiah, Rescue, and word Moesiea began to be used by Christians and Jews as man name Moses.

The grandson Theodosius Great on Bulgarian-Russian name Attila (Khagan 406-453) and to Roman name Flavius Aetius began the next Emperor Theodosius II (408-450). Old Testament names his Joshua. The second moving of Israelis across Europe in 440th has taken place in 40 years after acts of Moses.

Then in 570 Emperor Heraclius August Flavius, also known as Great Khagan Kubrat (570-665) and antiquated Tsar David was born. Kubrat has created the huge religious state – Great Bulgaria or Great Israel with capital Phanagoria (Finn–Ugoria, Ugrian) on Taman. The center of Empire and religion Constantinople it is Jerusalem was. In 616-626 Kubrat has restored Christian church on the Temple Mountain, destroyed by Persians in 614.

Grandson of Kubrat by name Sulabi, it is Justinian Rinotmet (Emperor 685-711) became a prototype bible Tsar Solomon. It has reconstructed the Second Temple or Solomon Temple on Temple Mountain in the Palestinian Jerusalem. Solomon Temple refers to Qubbat As Sakhra and costs whole on the place here 1300.

The antiquated period of Christianity has ended in end X century. At that time in New Rome the dynasty of Emperors of Russ, named the Macedonian dynasty corrected. Two sons Constantine Blind, compelled to leave Tsar Grad in infancy, have based after a while two imperial dynasties. The senior son the Lion or Urus(Rus) Aydar (797-855) has created in Kiev Russian Khaganate and the younger son of Emperor Basil Macedonian (805/811-886) became Emperor of New Rome in 867. As gesture of respect for the senior branch of Russ, is Rurik (Lachyn, the Clear Falcon), the son Rus Aydar became co–Emperor in 869-879/882. God name Rurik was Constantine.

Has come X century, which showed to the world is birth of the Virgin and the Savior. By this time in Constantinople long centuries there was the Temple of Sacred Sofia constructed as monument of Wisdom and Prediction of Pure birth of the Savior. For the Christ the name – Jesus (Isus) has been already intended.

In 957 to Constantinople there has arrived Princess Olga to the grandson to Emperor Constantine Porphyrogennetos. Olga was christened and so has liked Constantine for the wisdom, that that has suggested it to become empress. Princess of Russ has organized marriage between the grandson – Vladimir, the son of Prince Glebe and great-granddaughter Anna Macedonian, the daughter of Emperor Constantine Porphyrogennetos. Wedding has taken place in 960. A newly-married couple has gone on a residence in small Pereyaslavl Princedom of Russ on the river Kubra that absolutely near to modern Moscow is to 110 km. The throne of Princedom has got to Vladimir by right of succession. The central cities of destiny were fortresses Yam Kubar and Yam Gold Cup on the Sacred Source.

In 961 or 962 in marriage the daughter whom has named Maria was born. Parents of the girl were uneasy people – Vladimir soon became Grand Prince and mother was on birth Empress of New Rome. Vladimir's family attitudes, which Bulgarian-Russian name was Hin Kubar or the Red Sun and Anna Macedonian were not simple. Vladimir dissatisfied with birth of the daughter instead of the successor, has hit in all heavy sins and repeatedly married. Anna has been compelled messages lonely way of life, having made friends with spiritual instructor Joachim, bishop of Korsun (Chersonesus Taurica) and then bishop of Novgorod. Maria Vladimirovna was the devout girl and has decided to devote the life to service to the God.

In 978 or 979 there has come news from the Yam Gold Cup about Elizabeth's Immaculate Conception is relatives of Russian Princes. There has soon arrived Maria Vladimirovna to check up the information on miracle. Soon of Maria Vladimirovna it is pure has become pregnant, using in I peep water from the Sacred source the Gold Cup. Soon at Elizabeth and Zachary is John, the future John Baptist was born.

Maria Vladimirovna at the end of 979, the beginning 980 began Virgin, is pure conceived and given birth to the Savior so long expected by Christians of all world. The boy is named Jesus and has nicknamed Zlatoust for skill to speak and convince. Maria's spiritual parents were Anna and Joachim that has been marked in the Gospels. Native father Maria is Prince Vladimir, probably, has indignantly apprehended a message about a birth of the son at daughter Maria outside of a marriage. Only by 988 Vladimir has believed in realization of the miracle outlined in advance by ancient patriarchs. Grand Prince Vladimir christened people of Kiev in waters of Dnepr in 988. At christening Vladimir has received name Basil.

In honor of merits of princes Olga and Vladimir, Christians have recognized them Equal Apostles Sacred. It is no wonder, in fact Olga was great-great-grandmother Jesus Christ, and Vladimir was the native grandfather of the Savior.

A kind from the satellite on Sacred places of Tsargrad - Istanbul

On our reconstruction of history and bible events, Jesus Christ Zlatoust with Mother Maria Vladimirovna has appeared in Palestine in 1009. On the river Jordan many years their relative from Russia – John Baptist christened people. Jesus has accepted christening from John in waters of Jordan. The savior and the Virgin have visited Temple Qubbat As Sakhra in city El Kuds or the Palestinian Jerusalem. Then they have gone to travel to Tsar Grad where they were waited already by Christians and relatives from an imperial Macedonian dynasty. On foot and on coasting courts within a year they moved on territory of modern Turkey and islands of Greece. On mountain Athos it has been made well-known Mountain sermon of Jesus Christ.

In April 1010 the Savior, the Virgin and group of pupils have reached Constantinople – Jerusalem the ancient world. Jesus Christ has passed on young donkey through Golden Gate of Tsar Grad. Then God with mother have visited the Temple of Sacred Sofia reconstructed and updated for their visit. Jesus Christ preached in the Temple among thousand and thousand inhabitants of Constantinople. Citizens of Rome have presented Jesus Christ a gold wreath and the belt transferred by Jesus to Viking (Varyag) Shimon African from Kiev before the crucifixion. In the middle of XI century Jesus Christ's these things have been given to Church Dormition of the Theotokos of the Virgin in Kiev–Pecherskaya Laurels. Jesus Christ Zlatoust's gold belt was used as linear measure at construction of temple.

The Savior in Galata, area of Tsar Grad through a bay the Gold Horn spent the night. In the morning it with pupils was forwarded by boats to Tsar Grad. On Thursday, after the Last Supper, Jesus Christ prayed in gardens Galata where it was arrested by representatives Constantinople Patriarchy of Orthodox Church. On place of last pray Jesus Tower which was kept till now has been established. Headed Orthodox Church then Ecumenical Patriarch Nickolas II Chrysoberges (Gold stick) or Patriarch Sergey II Studite.

Respectable Christians and Ecumenical Constantinople Patriarch and at all not Jews have accused Jesus Christ Zlatoust of heresy and imposture. They have refused to recognize as his Savior. Jesus has been subjected to tortures directly in Sacred George's church (there Constantinople Patriarchy now settles down) near to an altar. In a corner of church there is a column to which have adhered and torchy Jesus Zlatoust. Now this column is covered with gold and is one of the most significant relics of church. Then Jesus have recognized guilty and have sent on court which has confirmed verdict – execution through the crucifixion on cross. We believe that all heretics and the impostors named by Saviors, executed on cross. For religious execution in Tsar Grad there was the special place known from an antiquity as Heraclius Box or Adam Head.

Patriarchy of Constantinople, St.George's temple, place of castigation of Jesus Christ

The place of execution was in territory of Galata in the Asian part of Constantinople on coast Pro Pontius passage or Bosporus. On passionate Friday, after tortures and court, Jesus Christ Zlatoust has been delivered by the ship to Golgotha. This hill is the highest mountain in vicinities of Constantinople. Travel on water has borrowed no more than hour. Then some hours the Savior, with the help of the local resident, dragged the cross from quay on top of hill where soon was crucifixion. Surprisingly, but the majority of participants of Christ Passions is the Patriarch, priests, witnesses, soldiers – were Christians and trusted in birth of the Christ. Emperors of the Macedonian dynasty knew about Jesus Christ's duty and did not begin to oppose to destiny according to which the Savior should sacrifice itself for the sake of rescue of all mankind and revive for the third day. After these events Constantinople Golgotha has received the name Jesus Hill.

During sovereignty of Osmanli Sultans, one of Moslems has constructed the religious construction devoted Sacred Yusa Kabri (Jesus Kubar) on Golgotha. The sanctuary around of a place of the crucifixion is created not earlier than XVIII century in 1755. It is interesting that near to it reading the Koran is forbidden.

Tomb of Sacred Yusa Kabri (Jesus Kubar) this flat rectangular earthen eminence is length 17 meters and width about 2 meters. It is surrounded with a high pig-iron lattice. To concern the sacred ground inside lattice it is forbidden, but it does not stop pilgrims. The lattice surrounds site of the ground with grass and colors. Inside fencing high trees grow some. In the opposite ends of tomb there are two round cylindrical stones, reminding small millstones. In the center of one of them above stone the quadrangular aperture under cross and well appreciable crack in stone is visible. The high spear thrust in the ground is adhered to it. At top of spear today there is gold or gilt, disk with the Arabian inscription. All this the construction is enclosed with high stone wall in which two doors and some window apertures with lattices are made. Pilgrims enter into the right door, bypass tomb around counter-clockwise and leave outside through the left door. According to representations of Muslim pilgrims, here it is possible to receive healing from all illnesses.

According to our belief and representations, the sanctuary Sacred Yusa Kabri is Golgotha where Jesus Christ Zlatoust was crucifixion and is struck with the Spear of Destiny. The nickname or surname Kubar means in Bulgarian-Russian religious language the God of the Sun or literally Head (Ar) of the God (Cub). Kubar also it was identified at peoples of the Volga region and Moslems good luck the Sun. The size and the form of a tomb (place of removal from Jesus Christ's cross, to pour blood of the Savior), the stone basis under cross and a spear are present at this Muslim sanctuary. Around of Sacred Place the most powerful anomaly caused by presence of divine good fortune is felt. Jesus Christ's energy till now cures wishers from illnesses.

Now the Turkish Sufies believe Sacred Yusa Kabri, therefore it will be extremely difficult for Christians, if at all it is possible to over persuade them in it and to accept true that is Jesus Christ. Christian pilgrims of Nova Church of Sacred Russia should respect opinion of Moslems and to worship a place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ Zlatoust by Muslim traditions under a name Sacred Yusa Kabri. It is interesting, that such religious name of the Savior is much closer to true, than inventions about the Jewish origin of the Savior Christian and Jewish than seminary students and historians.

Place of the crucifixion - in stone square aperture of 50 sm depth, beside the Spear of Destiny

After Jesus Christ's crucifixion, his body has transferred by Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and pupils of the Savior. Nearby from Golgotha there was only one sacred place where already there were ready coffins or caves for burial place of Christians. The cemetery in an inclined wall settled down in the north, in several kilometers, from place of the crucifixion. It was the small mountain used since ancient times by Greeks and Phoenicians for the trading and military purposes. Greeks named this area Ιερός (sacred place). On a hill the temples devoted to antique gods (including to Apollo) earlier were under construction, and also there was an altar of Twelve Gods. The etymology of word Ιερός (Ieros, Yoros) can occur also from reduction of words Jesus – Russ. In fact Greeks and named Russian – Ros. We believe what exactly there has been placed in coffin of Jesus Christ.

For the third day it agrees by Holy Book, Jesus Christ Zlatoust has revived from dead, has opened Empty Tomb and showed to the world the victory over death. This event has taken place in April day 1010 (probably, that 1012). Then God has left from New Rome for continuation of the grandiose mission in this world. It has made set of feats and miracles, has created original civilizations in the East and in America.

In July 1054 Jesus Christ Zlatoust has died of an old age in the age of 74 years in China. About this event has learned all worlds as simultaneously with death of the Savior the Supernova star on which place nowadays Crab nebulas in constellation of Taurus has flashed. Actually the Nova star means not a birth stars, and his death. Scientists assume that light from flash has reached the Earth on July 4, 1054. The phenomenon was appreciable 23 days. The Chinese Emperor has organized grandiose actions on burial of the Savior at the end of July 1054. Chinese knew Jesus Christ under name Confucius. Memorial complex of Confucius is Kublin in province Shandong, the city Tsuifu borrows the area in some square kilometers. In it grow more than 100,000 trees. The official history asserts that say Confucius Emperor has not buried and is simple rebury precious body of the thinker because of the special respect for it. In fact Confucius ostensibly veins for 1,500 before this event. But for some reason only in 1055 Emperor of China has disposed to appoint a title of official successor Confucius, 900 years this title was transferred from generation to generation.

Surprisingly, but one of last words Confucius, seven days to death, on the Chinese sources, were the following:

« The mountain Great has fallen! Columns and beams have failed! The wise man has absolutely withered! »

Then it has begun to cry and has told Tzygun:

« Under Heavens there is no way already for a long time, nobody in forces to follow me. At Hyo coffin with died left on east ladder, at Zhou – on western, and Yin – between two columns. I prefer Yin »

In Russian annals the phenomenon of the Supernova star of 1054 is described. Nestor wrote:

« During same times there was sign in the West, star great, with beams as though bloody; since evening she ascended to the sky after sunset and so there were 7 days. The sign it was not to goods, after that there were intestine wars many and invasion nasty on Russian ground for this star was as though bloody, foretelling to blood promoulding … Before in the meantime and the sun has changed and did not become light, but was as month, about such sun of the ignoramus speak, that it eaten »

The message about death of the Savior in China has reached Emperors of New Rome in 1055. Probably, was accepted decision to erect a special tomb and a fortress around of Empty Tomb on hill Yoros.

Fortress Yoros, kind from space, red color puts in location of Empty Tomb

Fortress Yoros (Ieros, Jesus-Russ) began to be erected from board of the first Emperor of dynasty Komnenos about 1055. All complex of constructions has been completed in XII century. Yoros represented the whole city on two plateaus of mountain. At top settled down well strengthening fortress with temple in honor of Jesus Christ's Victory. The second level has been built on the bottom hill. On the area fortress Yoros did not concede to the Moscow Kremlin. Some thousand could live in this city person easy.

Scientists name principal cause of construction Yoros aspiration of New Rome to secure Bosporus from an attack Russian Vikings. We believe this version false as the fortress is at top of mountain from which it is impossible to strike the ships with any kind ancient the weapon. Only presently the coastal artillery can defend a passage on such distance.

We confirm that Jesus Christ Zlatoust has been buried after the crucifixion in cave on sacred hill Yoros. There God has revived and showed to the world the victory over death. At Jesus Christ Zlatoust's stated by lips Confucius in the Chinese chronicles atonal desire, the memorial construction has been erected as two pillars with special an arch between them.

The Byzantium Emperors have built a special fortress around of Empty Tomb to secure it against feeble effort of enemies. The fortress has grown up in sizes up to large medieval city. At top of sacred mountain the Temple of the Victory of Jesus Christ, consisting of two churches as towers with an arch between them has been constructed. In an arch the cross with twelve petals on edges settled down.

In opinion of Pontifex Maximus, one church the second church is the second death Sirs in the usual world and the future life eternal symbolized the first death and revival Sirs, and. About it speak marble signs on the towers – churches, kept up to now. Two wheels executed in Christian – Schumer style of Russia (an octagonal star of Russ), have Nika Jesus Christ's inscriptions or Jesus Christ's Victory.

Thus, all events of Christ Passions occurred in ancient Tsar Grad. Therefore many centuries Constantinople was unique Sacred Place of pilgrimage of Christians. The Golden Gate, the Temple of Sacred Sofia or Wisdom, place of the Last Supper and Jesus Christ's last pray in Galata (Jesus Tower), place of castigation of Jesus Christ in Sacred George's churches, place of the crucifixion of the Savior – Golgotha or Jesus Hill and also Empty Tomb in fortress Yoros is settled down on the European and Asian parts of Constantinople or ancient Jerusalem.

After capture of Constantinople by Turks in 1453 and decisions Council of Trent in XVI century, all authentic data on presence of bible places in Constantinople, have been destroyed and corrected on the official version of Christian church about Jerusalem in Palestine.

However certificates of visiting of Sacred Places in Tsar Grad by Russian pilgrims, for example Archbishop Antony Novgorod’s was kept.

Archbishop Antony or Dobrynja Yadreykovich has died on October 8, 1232. It was archbishop of Novgorod (1210 – 1218, 1226 – 1228, 1228 – 1229) and bishop Peremyshl’s (1220-1225). Antony has become famous for the description of pilgrimage to Constantinople – The Book of Pilgrim. The information on travel for the first time is mentioned in the Novgorod first annals under 1211:

« … come, before exiles Metrofanis of archbishop, Dobrynja Yadreykovich from Tsar Grad also has brought stone of Empty Tomb and self it is cut on Hutten at sacred Spas; and will of God like and Prince Mstislav both all Novgorod people, and sent and in Russia stay; and come stay archbishop Antony »

It is literally under the text, Archbishop Antony has brought with itself part of Empty Tomb, and also set of relics and relics, from Tsar Grad: copes Theodor Stratilat, power Basil Sevastiysky, a part of stone from John Apostle's coffin, particle of the Life-giving Cross, measure of Empty Tomb and power great martyress Barbarians. A particle Life-giving Three Antony has placed in big erecting cross of Sofia of Novgorod. It is decorated with an inscription « My God, help to slave Antony, arch[bishop] at Novgorod, given […] cross [Sacred So]fia »

To Palestine pilgrim Dobrynja Yadreykovich did not go and has lived in capital of Byzantium some years in 1200-1204. After capture of city by crusaders in 1204, it has left Constantinople and has returned to Russia. His purpose was Sacred Places of Tsar Grad where it was two times – first time in 1200-1204, then in 1208/1209. The Book of Pilgrim was kept in nine lists XVI-XVII of centuries which give only indirect representation about the original text as actually The Book of Pilgrim has been subjected to censorship and cleaning from inconvenient true.

Traditional historians ignore the fact of supply Dobrynja Yadreykovich to Novgorod of stone from Empty Tomb though other artifacts recognize as original. It is known that in New Jerusalem monastery in XIX century the stone from Empty Tomb was stored. Speak even that photos of relic were kept. We believe that the sacred artifact has got to New Jerusalem from Novgorod and is original. In XIX century historians and seminary students were engaged in substantiation of false paradigm of Jerusalem in Palestine and have hidden a stone somewhere in territory New Jerusalem of monastery in the city of Istra, absolutely near to Moscow.

Let's briefly state well-known history of creation and operation of fortress Yoros. The professor of Istanbul University Asnu Bilban Jalchyn assumes that Yoros has been constructed under the order of Emperor Manuel Komnenos for protection against attacks Russian Vikings. Professor Jalchyn also considers, that on the opposite party of Bosporus there was a fortress to which the circuit from Yoros for protection of passage against attacks of the enemy ships was stretched. However any traces of existence of the equipment on pull circuits it is not revealed, and the distance between coasts is too great.

Romans, Genoese and Osmanli Turks struggled for this strengthening item during many centuries. The fortress has been won by Osmanli armies in 1305 however they could not keep her. In 1348 Genoese, have taken storm fortress have restored the domination above trading ways of Black sea and Bosporus. However at the end of 1390th Osmanli Turks again have grasped fortress and have established the full control over coast Anatolia of Bosporus. It agrees to the data of historian Ashykpashazade, Bayezid I Lightning has taken fortress in 1391, coming with the big military forces by land. In vicinities of fortress Yoros there were bloody fights, for burial place of victims to the east from Yoros even have built special cemetery Shehitlik. The name occurs from fortress Sheli soon seized Bayezid I.

Fortress Yoros became military base for conducting siege of Constantinople. In 1395 fortress Anadoluhutsar (Tsar of Anatolia) is under construction. New Rome has tried to stop promotion of Osmanli Turks with the help of the French king Charles VI. In 1399 the French and Spanish groups headed by marshal Busiko (Boucicaut) have tried to return Yoros under the control of Constantinople. Attempt to take fortress storm has ended with failure, therefore marshal Busiko has receded, having destroyed thus settlement at bottom of fortress. Probably the question is destruction of the bottom fortress.

The ambassador of Spain to Timur is Ruy Gonzáles de Clavijo counted Yoros Key opening a way to Black Sea. Thus de Clavijo in the descriptions wrote nothing about circuit which theoretically should partition off Bosporus. On opposite, European coast of passage it has found fortress in the destroyed and thrown condition.

After gain of Constantinople Osmanli Turks in 1453 fortress Yoros continues to develop. Bayezid II (1481-1512) has restored a fortress and has constructed a small mosque. Even later, the commandant of fortress Mehmed Agha has constructed bath. Walls and towers of fortress have strongly suffered from earthquake of 1509, but subsequently have been restored. In the documents of Osmanli Archive dated on 1576, there is a record that together with fortress are repaired mosque, source of water and bath.

German traveler Michael Geberer in 1580th, travelling to Constantinople, has found fortress Yoros in good condition and in the travelling notes has left an engraving quite corresponding to the original. Armenian historian Gukas Inchichjan wrote, that inside a fortress there was the Turkish quarter consisting of 25 houses. Over defense of a fortress the commandant of group from twenty soldiers supervises. In XIX century fortress Yoros has lost the military value and has come to decline.

Let's note, that in titles of Turkish sultans to be spoken, that they is keepers of Empty Tomb. For example, in the letter of sultan Mehmed IV to the Zaporozhye Cossacks:

« The sultan and the lord Brilliant Ports, son Ibrahim I, the brother of the Sun and the Moon, the grandson and the deputy of the God on the ground, the lord of Empires of Macedonian, Babylon, Jerusalem, Great and Small Egypt, tsar above tsars, the master above the lords, the incomparable knight, nobody victory the soldier, the possessor tree lives, the persistent keeper of a coffin of Jesus Christ, the trustee of the God, hope and console of Moslems, frighten and the great defender of Christians, I rule to you, the Zaporozhye Cossacks to surrender to me voluntary and without any resistance and me your attacks to not force to worry »

Let's return to the modern description of Empty Tomb or the Temple Victory of Jesus Christ. The author on place has studied the kept constructions and has tried to find Empty Tomb. Let’s studying of object began from external survey of ruins of towers and walls.

Fortress Yoros is located at two levels. The highest and well protected level is at top of a hill. The size of fortifications makes at length about 500 meters, the width changes from 60 meters at top, in east part, and up to 130 meters in the bottom, western part. In total at the top level of a fortress seven towers. Two large towers, height about 20 meters, represent empty constructions inside which churches settled down. Towers – churches at top of hill cost. Between them the arch destroyed from time and earthquakes is built. Pass between towers is incorporated by a bricklaying of late origin. About gate the rests of marble arches of an arch lay. On the right wall from pass, the marble slab with two squares and patterns from below is visible.

The laying of walls and towers of the top fortress is executed from diverse materials, on the structure and structure identical to constructions of the Byzantium Empire of period X-XII of centuries. Walls then were erected in some layers, as Napoleonic pie where rings from large blocks of granite and a marble mix up with rings from clay bricks or plates. The space between blocks and clay plates is filled with cement. Large stone blocks are roughly processed and have the casual sizes and the form. Probably, for construction materials from old buildings and the constructions of Constantinople specially brought from different places were used. In some places the laying has fallen and the rough surface of stone blocks is visible. Vaults and spatial transitions in towers and walls are executed from clay blocks and cement. The bottom part of constructions is executed from the most massive and large blocks. The size of stones, gradually, up walls and towers, decreases.

The similar laying meets in the Temple of Sacred Sofia and Studite monastery of Constantinople. Parts of these constructions are dated X-XII centuries. On photos laying various buildings it is possible to compare structure of walls and to estimate their antiquity.

Let's describe two east towers – churches. Within the precincts of towers is visible lying of 9 rings executed from large blocks. Between these layers of a ring are executed from clay blocks. In each of towers there are small windows – loopholes. Pass between towers is incorporated by brick blocks of a late origin and limiting access to a laying is closed by the modern steel lattice.

On each tower at a level of the fifth ring from large stone blocks, approximately at height of 9 meters from the ground, the pair marble signs built same surface with the basic laying and inverted on the east were kept. The central signs, approximately in the geometrical center of towers, look like half moon framing a figured cross. The half moon concerns the central rod of cross. The ends of crosses have on three oval petals, all on crosses on 12 petals. Around of signs four inscriptions on two letters are put. On right sign it is written from above, to the right and downwards FC XY and FE PC. On the left sign it is written FC XC and FE PA. Last sign PA looks like the monogram of Palaiologos dynasty.

At the same level, on some meters is closer to the center, there are other signs built same surface, in some times smaller size, than the first figures. On these signs wheels with inscriptions are represented. Wheels are executed in the Christian – Schumer style representing the Chariot of God or Cub. The wheel has four spokes, as vertical cross. Between the parties of cross other four spokes as ovals are entered. In corners of a cross on a rim of both wheels there are four inscriptions. It is across written IC XP and on vertical NI KA. Obviously, the question is Nika (Victory) Jesus Christ's inscriptions.

To the right of towers there is small breach in wall, made by a modern steel lattice. At the left and to the right of towers there is high wall, approximately 9 meters in height. On the right the wall leaves downwards along the breakage going to sea. At the left the wall goes above an abrupt hill, higher and it is good strengthening.

From within fortresses of tower have the general flat wall with the central arch forming gate. To an arch there are steps from two parties. Probably, these steps conducted to ladders on top of towers, defense of fortress whence was conducted. In each of towers in flat wall is present on two arches. Two big arches, near to the center, have no pass, and distant smaller arches conduct inside of towers. Passes are made by modern steel lattices with doors. Now it is difficult to understand functional applicability each of the kept external elements of towers. It is possible to present, that in the central arch between towers any big sign or symbol has been established. We believe that it was half moon with a figured cross, as on marble signs on towers – churches. The height of cross was made about 10 meters.

Reconstruction of cross between towers - churches from the western party (kind from Bosporus)

Inside of towers conduct symmetric passes. We have examined the left tower the right tower has similar structure, but is inaccessible to research. On our hypothesis, towers have been constructed for double use. The first function had defensive character. Towers practically round, but tops are executed as hexagons. The second applicability of towers is religious function. Inside on all height (about 20 meters) there are church premises as empty symmetric cross with the round dome, four vaults and the arches focused strictly in parts of light. Within the precincts of towers at two levels there are windows as loopholes, wide from within and small outside. They give sufficient illumination of an internal premise. Above the arch has no passes outside. On towers it was possible to get only on ladder going from an internal wall, a connecting tower. The surface of walls of churches and vaults is combined from the small clay blocks fastened by cement. In the past, probably, walls and ceilings have been plastered and decorated with frescos.

Close survey of premises and space around of towers – churches has not found out divine presence or special anomalies at sensations. In several places of the top plateau of hill the excavation in part closed by subsidiary materials are conducted.

To the right of towers there is northern wall going downhill of a hill. The top edge of wall lays flush with surface of the top fortress. From northern party the citadel is practically unapproachable, as is lower on a hill abrupt breakage is located. At the end of northern wall the square tower is constructed. The territory on the north from wall and downwards on a hill to the bottom fortress is protected by Turkish army, she is inaccessible to research.

The southern wall of the top fortress is erected above hill, near to the road conducting on top of hill. For this reason the wall is made high and strong. From within a wall strengthening arches for durability of construction. On southern wall of fortress two towers are constructed. One tower is oval, with the flat part forming uniform design with wall. Below on hill the angular square tower is constructed. Between towers in wall to southwest gate closed nowadays by steel lattice with door are built.

The surface of hill is truer than fortress flat and goes down downwards to the western wall. In this place the hill has ledge the natural bias of a hill makes approximately 70 degrees. The ledge passes in rather big plateau on which the bottom fortress is constructed.

On our hypothesis in this ledge of hill Yoros in an antiquity caves for coffins of rich and influential people have been cut through. Not without reason Greeks named this hill The Sacred ground. We believe that in this ledge of hill there was tomb becoming well-known Empty Tomb. After Jesus Christ Zlatoust's crucifixion in several kilometers to the south on Jesus Hill, Lord has transported a body on this cemetery and has closed in tomb the big stone.

The western wall of fortress Yoros is constructed just on slope between two plateaus of a hill. Now in the beginning of this flat step there is restaurant Yoros. On the western wall four towers are built. Two angular towers are made square. Between them two oval towers are located and northern from them is inaccessible and southern has pass inside. Back east walls of towers flat is going same surface with wall of fortress. Between southern square and oval towers there is an aperture reminding gate in the bottom fortress. Above them in wall the round stone similar to millstone is established. In the first oval tower the input, probably, existing with the beginning of construction is built. In northern part of this tower at ground level the plateau of the top hill is an aperture, obviously, formed from earthquake or the human factor.

Research of territory and constructions of the top fortress has shown presence of the strongest divine anomaly at southwest oval tower. Now the lonely big acacia there grows, other vegetation is not present. The surface of a tower is filled with the ground. Inside a tower the author has felt the unprecedented emotional splash corresponding to presence there of the most powerful source of sacred energy, going from below upwards. In opinion of the researcher and Pontifex Maximus Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, the tower covers an input in Thru Empty Tomb located below in an inclined wall of mountain. Probably in the past through tower it was possible to get in Empty Tomb. Now pass closed by the ground. According to annals, in 1204 during capture of Constantinople by crusaders, the representative of the Sort of Russ Dobrynja Yadreykovich, becoming in consequence Archbishop of Novgorod, for preservation of relic has taken out stone of Empty Tomb to Russia, to Novgorod.

Inside a tower of Empty Tomb

So, we have described walls and seven towers are more true, than part of fortress Yoros. It is possible to familiarize with details of construction on applied photos.

The most part of fortress Yoros is inaccessible to research as is in the territory protected by army of Turkey. On the bottom hill working defensive works and military station are located.

From the top fortress in part kept ruins of walls of the bottom fortress and some towers on corners of defensive construction are visible. The distant tower worth directly above passage Bosporus is whole. The form of the bottom fortress reminds the extended dumbbell. The length of the bottom construction makes about 2,5 km, and all fortress in length about 3 km. The width of citadel below does not exceed 600 meters, and in narrow part is 200 meters. It is possible to assume, that during the best times for territories of a fortress some thousand person lived, therefore Yoros were rather big medieval city.

After capture Yoros at the end of XIV century Osmanli Turks, the city has become empty and began to be used only as military object. The Christian cross with half moon between towers – churches has been lost. The tower of Empty Tomb was closed by the ground and Yoros has lost the religious value.

The stone of Empty Tomb has got to Novgorod and then in New Jerusalem monastery near Moscow where Russia has tried to realize the project of New Jerusalem within the framework of the concept of the Third Rome. Within Romanov's board in Russia believed, that this stone of Empty Tomb is not original. Presently the relic is considered lost. There is probability of that at the end of 1941 Germans have taken out stone of Empty Tomb to Germany. Nevertheless, there was hope to find True Stone of Empty Tomb in vicinities or limits of New Jerusalem monastery.

On May 29, 1453 New Rome or the Byzantium Empire has failed under an impact of the Osmanli Turks, sincerely believing itself devout and worthy to protect Muslim and Christian relics. The Temple of Sacred Sofia, the Hippodrome, Jesus Tower, Jesus Hill – Golgotha, Empty Tomb both numerous religious and cult constructions have come into the hands of Moslems. Ancient manuscripts, annals and documents have been destroyed or lost. Ancient Russia and the West had no sufficient military and economic resources to beat off the relics at aggressors. Changes of Geopolitics situation have caused to Christians to correct position by virtual means.

In the middle of XVI century has taken place Council on Trent and in Russia has passed One hundred heads cathedral of 1551 under the direction of Ivan Terrible. It was the scale Christian project on creation of the false version of Christian events of Old and New Testament. Some decades have left on formation of a new picture of the Sacred Legend convenient to the West. The world Chronology has been changed and in a basis of a world history has put chronology of Josephus Justus Scaliger and Dionisius Petavius. Date of a birth of Jesus Christ has been attributed on one thousand years in the past. Dates of an epoch of Christianity have received the name At Christmas. Places of bible events have been transferred to Palestine and the Top Egypt. World Jerusalem had been recognized small town El Kuds. Russian Princes Jesus Christ Zlatoust and Virgin Maria Vladimirovna have been declared by Jews. All patriarchs of the Sort of Russ began to refer to as Jews. Ancient names of patriarchs Sacred Russ (Svyatorus) have been replaced with religious Israeli names. Bible events have lowered on 1000 years in the past. The Egyptian history became on 1790 years ancient true. The Bible and sacred books have been forged and copied on canons of newly made Christianity of XVI century. More than 500 years the world lives in lie and obscurantism. All attempts to establish the truth were pursued in the past by fire and sword. In the newest history the Christian church and a world historical science do not allow an opportunity to make the way seed of true. Authors of daring ideas and fighters for the truth are exposed to obstruction and are derided by all accessible means. The serious science does not suppose the publication of scientific works and display of the artifacts contradicting to false paradigm of Council on Trent.

In John Apostle’s Revelations it is predicted occurrence Fidelity and True in 1,000 years after Jesus Christ's death. The modern world became open and transparent, due to development of information technologies and various branches of science, including DNA–Genealogy and Genographic (Genic geography). The old, false world cannot keep the truth in jails of inquisition any more. There has come time of revolution of religious and public thinking. It is necessary to shake off ashes from legs and to enter new phase of development of mankind. Turkish authorities are obliged to provide equal access to Christians and Moslems to the general religious relics.

Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus,
Doctor of historical sciences,
Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


Signs on the right tower - church

News of Holy Russia 05.05.2024: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

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News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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