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News of Sacred Russia 17.09.2012: Orthodox holiday of Day of the Icon of Virgin is Neopalimaya Kupina.

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Not combustible Cubina

On September 17 on the Orthodox calendar holiday Burning Bush (Nesgoraemaya Kupina) is marked. Occurrence of term Not combustible Kupina is connected to a meeting of Leader Moses on mountain Horiv with God, which under the certificate of the Old Testament was in Not combustible Kupina. Venerable seminary students and many centuries explain the whole chorus of the Jewish authors to the shocked world, that Not combustible Kupina it is burning, but not burning down bush of a blackthorn (Outcome, 3:2). It is difficult for normal, educated and modern person to present, what for the God of visors in a thorny bush with thorns and there from spoke with Моисеем. The almighty God was hidden in bushes?

Actually Not combustible Kupina it is Not combustible Cubina (Kubina) or the phenomenon of Meditation of Cub or Meditations of God to the external observer. God was in light of the glory on the ground by the quantum device – the Chariot of Cub formed by rotation of astral pyramids (kubars) around of a prana of the operator and entered in cocoon – Leonardo sphere (it is the late term of sacral geometry) diameter hardly more than two meters. The Chariot of Cub can move the operator instantly to any point of the universe. To penetrate through a field of the quantum device to any kind of a matter or fluctuations it is impossible, therefore she Not combustible. Accordingly the Chariot of Cub referred to as our ancestors Cubina. Word Cubina has taken place from a word Cub the phenomena of rotating kubars in space are more true. Speed of rotation of kubars can vary from zero till speed of light. Usually operators use speed of 9/10 speeds of light is a speed of movement electrons on the orbits.

Spas in forces or Jesus Christ in the Chariot of Cub:

Father Heavenly uses the Chariot of God for travel on the Universe. Action of a chariot for the first time is described in Aries Vedas:

1. Narada uvacha
2. sa ecada maheshvaso ratham panchashvam ashu-gam
dvisham dvi-chakram ecasham tree-venum pancha-bandhuram
3. eca-pashmi eca-damanam eca-nidam dvi-kubaram
pancha-praharanam sapta varutham pancha-vicramam
4. haimopaskaram aruhia svarna-varmacshaieshudhih
ecadasha-chamu-nathah pancha-prastham agad vanam

Here our correct translation (Article Orthodox Chariot of God):

« Tsar in gold armor with bow and arrows flied on the Chariot of Cub which moved in three measurements and five environments. The engine has consisted of two kubars promptly rotating around of prana in the opposite parties. The chariot coped five sense organs of the tsar sitting inside. She had seven vaults of protection, ruled over five elements, possessed an inexhaustible stock of energy and was accompanied by eleven Guardian Angels »

Therefore the lineal descendant of the Father Heavenly by name Arbat – Theodosius Great – Leader Moses (Moses is Moesiea it is the name of the Roman province) communicated good luck which has found time for visiting the Earth and protection of children. Ignorant and obscurantism of church here already more than 300 years deform true and commits sacrilege above sacral concepts and images. The known icon of Virgin is Neopalimaya Kupina also has been subject to barbarous defilement.

The image of meditation Chariot of Kub (kinds prospect, top view and sideways):

The official Church without a shadow of doubts asserts, that in church chanting Virgin is quite often compared with неопалимою купиною (not burning down thorny bush) which saw Moses on mountain Horiv (Outcome, 3:2). Here the dogmatic description of an icon from an orthodox site:

« Similarity between Neopalimaya Kupina and Mother Divine consists that as antiquated Kupina remained safe during fire which has captured her and Sacred Virgin Maria who has given birth to Jesus Christ, up to Christmas and the ambassador stayed Virgin. The icon of the Virgin is Not combustible Kupina is represented as the octagonal star consisting of two sharp quadrangles with the concave ends. One of them – the red color, fire reminding by self which have grasped seen Moses Kupina; another – the green color, specifying natural color Kupina which she has kept, grasped by a fiery flame. In the middle of an octagonal star, as though in Kupina, Virgin with the Preeternal Baby is represented Holy Pure. On corners of a red quadrangle the person, a lion, bull and an eagle, symbolizing four evangelists is represented. In hands Holy Pure Virgin a ladder, to lean to the top end to her shoulder. The ladder means, that through the Virgin on the ground the Son Divine, erecting on the Sky of all believing in him » has left.

The true lies far from this theological nonsense. Maria Vladimirovna is represented in the Chariot of Cub or in Not combustible Cubina, the educated astral cubes rotating around of a prana of the Mother of god and entered in a spherical cocoon (Leonardo sphere). Management of the Chariot of God Maria Vladimirovna could create various miracles, including establish a protective Cover above subjects and the whole territories. The red rhombus means a solar pyramid, and the green rhombus personifies a terrestrial pyramid. According to the theory the Chariot of Cub eleven (sometimes represent twelve) accompany with angels – keepers and four archangels. The ladder of the Virgin means an opportunity of moving between a terrestrial life and Kingdom of heaven. The operator of the Chariot of the God can freely move on the universe and the quantum worlds.

The Virgin with baby Jesus in the Chariot of Cub:

The obscurantism in perception Not combustible Kupina has reached at Orthodox that in XIX century icons Not combustible Kupina with Moses have appeared, holding in hands of a table of the Precept and looking on Not combustible Kupina from which not given birth Virgin looks at him yet. These facts speak about full degradation of theological idea.

On this surprising holiday of Orthodoxy Day of Neopalimaya Kupina we congratulate believers on an establishment of true and we call Orthodox Church to be cleared of obscurantism and ignorant. The new church of Sacred Russia waits for all Christians – flock and clergy of existing Churches.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus
Doctor of historical sciences
Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


Icon is XIX century. Prophet Moses looks on Neopalimaya Kupina with Virgin inside:

News of Holy Russia 02.09.2020: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Session of the Moscow regional court was held on the Appeal of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev on establishing the legal fact of kinship with Ivan IV the Terrible. Based on the expert opinion of the Moscow Kremlin Museums on the impossibility of conducting a molecular genetic examination of the King's graves, the Moscow regional Court left the decision of the Krasnogorsk city court unchanged. This decision will be appealed to a higher court.

News of Holy Russia 14.08.2020: Proclamation to the people of Belarus.
Proclamation of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev to the people of Belarus. The Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich expresses its sincere support to the Belarusian people in the struggle for their political and human rights and calls on Belarusians to show perseverance and courage in order to clear the country of the cancer of the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko, who forcibly holds power in the country.

News of Holy Russia 10.08.2020: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
The Moscow regional court has scheduled a hearing on the appeal of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev about establishing kinship with Tsar Ivan IV Terrible for September 2, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. Information about the number of the courtroom of the appellate instance will be provided additionally.

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