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News of Sacred Russia 27.02.2013: Press conference of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has taken place in agency Rosbalt.

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Press conference of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev on which it has declared that will nominate the nominee on posts governor of the Moscow area and governor of the Vladimir area has taken place in Moscow in agency Rosbalt. Elections are planned for September 8, 2013.

In press conference have taken part Valeriy Kubarev is the coordinator of Civil Movement For Great Russia! and Cyril Barabash is the coordinator of movement For responsible authority!.

Theses of press conference 27.02.2013

Dear friends!

I shall begin the performance with small digression to history.

Our ancestors – Rurikovich bequeathed to Russian people dream – creation in Russia the Third Rome. This idea advanced Ivan Great and Sophia Palaiologina. However the legend about the Third Rome in due course has lost the acuteness and has lost initial sense. The majority even educated people in the world wrongly treat paradigm of the city – state is Rome. Many believe that secondary attributes of Ancient and New Rome – terrible emperor, huge army, abundance of gold, financial center, majestic uniform religion it and is essence of Rome.

I think that Rome is symbol of freedom of mankind, a shelter for all requiring.

The present Rome is the megacity most free and open to all world.

In Rome democracy of patrimonial and national elite under spiritual management of emperor – the lineal descendant and посадника the Father Heavenly on the Earth dominates.

In Rome people trust in the God and adhere to the most free and wise religion on a planet. Religions which opens reason and clears soul of parishioners, is stimulus of spiritual, moral, intellectual and cultural development of the person.

Totalitarianism and dictatorship is enemies of Rome. Несвобода and usurpation of authority are incompatible with existence of the world center of civilization – the Third Rome.

What about Russia now? In Russia today is vertical of authority, the international isolation, degradation of morals, corruption and Russian Orthodox Church. We shall return on the guilty ground to Russia, Moscow.

On February 19, 2013 in the Jewish museum of tolerance (!), has passed session of Advice under interethnic attitudes at the President of the Russian Federation.

On Advice the President talked about Big narrative – a narration about is total the intelligent and purposeful history possessing own subjects. In it the main character appears various generality (the nation, class, elite, civilization, correspond to struggle or which growth "logic" и "stages"), but only not independently working person. There are "historic facts", similarly to natural phenomena, ostensibly exist separately and irrespective of their perception and judgment contemporaries and descendants.

It is available attempts of the mode existing in the modified kind since 1917, to copy a history, to prove the legitimacy and to receive the indulgence on all bloody, moral, corruption and economic crimes made in the name of the imaginary blessings of Soviet and Russian people.

Existing constitutional build in the Russian Federation protects and preserves rights practically all peoples and ethnoses, except for Russian people to which have allocated a role of the great martyr and the financial donor. Over it in Russia is dominated with political force - Uniform Russia which expresses political will of all a lot of ethnic Russian people with a view of a unification of the country. In Russia began a bad form to name itself the Russian person. Everyone should be Russians.

In result the political will of ethnic subjects of Russia – Tatarstan, Chechen Republic, Dagestan, Karachaevo – Circassia, Ingushetia, Kalmykia, Bashkiria, etc., expressed in monolithic solidarity of elites of these subjects – adherents of Edinaya Russia Party, leads to suppression of will of the Russian people living on the historical Russian grounds.

The shameful phenomenon of ignoring of political will of Russian people was brightly showed at all elections of the come century when 99 % of voters of ethnic regions vote for Uniform Russia and Putin, and primordially Russian regions give them no more than 30 % of voices. Actually Russian people at full state and economic loading decides nothing, and to solve is not capable. Russian regions are transformed into a milk cow of the Russian Federation with who badly feed and kick at any opportunity.

I believe that such system of the government in Russia to suffer it is impossible. This opinion is divided with millions active citizens of Russia. They offer various outputs from a developed situation, including convocation of Russian National Assembly. However convocation of Assemblies and Cathedrals will not create any legal consequences as these bodies do not have administrative and political levers of execution of the accepted decisions.

It is thought, that has ripened necessity of creation on the historical Russian grounds in the beginning the union of subjects of the Russian Federation with the further association of these by carrying out of referenda at observance of working constitutional norms. The new subject of the Russian Federation I suggest to name Great Russia in honor of the historical state existing in the past corresponding to words of a national anthem of Russia.

For realization of the project of Great Russia I suggest to adhere to motoring map:

1. I nominate the nominee as the candidate for governors of the Moscow and Vladimir areas with the purpose of initialization of the project Great Russia.

2. To all supporters of association of Russian people I suggest to support my person at elections which should take place on September 8 on this year.

3. As the political and public tool of realization of the project I suggest to create Civil Movement For Great Russia!. Movement should collect together all supporters of independent Russian statehood. Civil Movement (CM) will consist of four curias – right, left, liberals and civil. In CM can enter any political parties, public organizations and civil active workers. Congress of Civil Movement For Great Russia! I suggest to lead in May of the current year. Jointly it is necessary to generate a pool of candidates in governors in all regions of Russia.

4. For realization of political will of Russian people it is necessary to concentrate efforts of active workers, donors and voters at forthcoming governor's elections to provide a victory to the candidates.

5. Then, the won governors will create the union of several regions of Russia under the name Great Russia and will begin procedure of association of Russian areas. At complete support of new governors the legitimate Russian National Assembly or Поместный the Cathedral will be lead.

6. Capital of Great Russia I suggest to proclaim city Vladimir. Within the framework of the project it is necessary to carry out decentralization executive and legislative branches of authority with transfer of a part of capital functions to ancient cities of Russia – to Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Kostroma, Tver and so forth.

Let's address to problems of Moscow area (MA).

I believe that in MA have ripened the following decisions and reforms:

1. To suspend the decision about creation of the Big Moscow. Carry of federal structures from Moscow in large cities of Russia is necessary.

2. An interdiction on the simplified withdrawal of the grounds and structures in territory MA at citizens and the organizations.

3. An interdiction on erection of new motorways and highways in MA. An output is construction of few levels high-speed highways above existing roads.

4. Liquidation of consequences of criminal swindles and gamble with the grounds MA such as Rublevo–Arkhangelsk and other odious projects.

5. Return illegally alienate, the got and unused grounds MA to the state.

6. Certification of employees of official bodies MA (the government, municipalities, selective commissions, courts, office of Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

7. National elections lands judges, chapters of electoral committees, public prosecutors and divisional.

Doctor of historical sciences, doctor of theology, Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev.


P.S. Video recording of press conference will be published on March 2-3, 2013.

References to news.

Agency Rosbalt:


The network newspaper of the Metronews:


The photo report on press conference. In photos Valeriy Kubarev and Cyril Barabash:

Performance is the Nested doll President of Russia

Dear friends!

I like to show to you Russian national toy nested doll under the name the President of Russia. On the main figure two images, similar to known leaders of Russia are represented. Inside this figure were placed:

- An image similar to President Boris Eltsin;
- In it an image similar to the president of the USSR of Michael Gorbachyov;
- In it an image similar to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU of Leonid Brezhnev;
- In it an image similar to Vladimir Lenin.

Pay attention to color of nested dolls – they black, blackening evil.

I believe that this toy bears in itself deep philosophical and political sense.
For modern authorities and elites of Russia do not exist anything, that was till 1917. The thousand-year history of Russia has no value for these people.

There is only totalitarian, communistic mode and his leaders.

To carriers of sanctity and greatness of Russia - to descendants of Emperors, Tsars, Khaganes, Grand Princes, boyars, Equal Apostles, Sacred, flatterers, and also Muslim prelates of the Volga Bulgaria and Caucasus – it was not found places in history of Russia and human civilization.

It appears light of true and culture to multinational peoples of Russia Bolsheviks and their followers – modern "democrats" in the Kremlin have brought. For this purpose they have tried to destroy physically the most part of patrimonial and spiritual aristocracy of Russian Empire. In fact without patrimonial elite people is the political impotent man.

Presently the authority in Russia practically has completely blocked oxygen to successors of ancient elites, oppress development of Russian consciousness and formation of political will of Russian people, leaning on certain, working ostensibly from above formation of the future "natural" within the framework of logic of a continuous Russian history, interrelation of all of its stages.

Under the guise this paradigm the political life in Russia has been completely concreted by «vertical of authority». People accustom to idea, that the modern elite of Russia in all of the right, is true and infallible – and it is result of a subjective purposeful history. We understand that this elite voluntary will not give anything. In all European countries after revolutions there has come national reconciliation by restoration of the rights of the shabby patrimonial elite. In Russia it has not taken place, the black evil keeps authority of 95 years and tries to transfer its children and grandsons.

Look closely on figures nested dolls are false idols.

First three small images symbolize leaders who tried to create abundance for all citizens of Russia. The Utopia has failed.

Last two figures of a nested doll symbolize leaders, who have created abundance for the families and clans, having enabled other people to stay in poverty, but to some citizens granted chance to have money in exchange for loyalty to a mode.

Leaders of Russia of the past – Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky, Tsar Ivan Terrible and Emperor Peter Great knew medicine for false idols is an axe which easily consults with evil.

I address to Russian people with the request to do me the honor and to entrust a field of an establishment of validity and reconciliation on Russian ground.


P.S. Video recording of Performance will be published on March 2-3, 2013.

The photo report on Performance the nested doll President of Russia in Rosbalt:

News of Holy Russia 02.05.2021: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
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News of Holy Russia 09.04.2021: Deep condolences to the House of Windsor and the people of Great Britain on the death of Prince Philip.
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and the Grand Prince of All Russia, Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev express their deepest condolences to Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the House of Windsor and the entire British people on the death of the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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