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1. Historical preconditions

According to researches of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev on reconstruction of the world history, executed in the book «Vedas to Russia», and also the extensive historical and mythological data reflected in all modern religions of the Earth, follows, that promptly there come times of the global planetary cataclysm named Over-Kiel.
The mankind should pass to a turn of severe tests. Comes nearer on November 17, 2009 is the 2000-anniversary of a Christian Era, birthday of the inspirer of Christianity is the Roman Emperor Titus Vespasianus Flavius (on November 17, 9 years). Then will come on April 18, 2010 is the 1000-anniversary from the date of the crucifixion and Jesus Christ's revivals in Constantinople. These events anticipate the beginning of the period of instability of rotation of the Earth which some years will proceed, but will especially become aggravated on December 20-23, 2012. At will of God the planet will be changed. Contours of the seas and continents become others. The former water areas of World Ocean existing up to the previous flood of 1250 B.C. will be restored. Only the territory of Russia will suffer to a lesser degree.
Still ancient Egyptians considered that for 13000 years the Earth four times changed the position in space concerning the Sun. These data contain in the Egyptian sources and in Platoon’s living in IV century B.C. in 900 years after last flood works. Ancient authors asserted, that the Sun that ascended in the east in the West, hence, the parties of light were on a regular basis interchanged the position. On the average time in 3250 years the Earth changed the position concerning a plane ecliptic, i.e. a direction of rotation concerning the Sun.
On myths of ancient peoples of Mesoamerica, the universe has been created Teskatlipoka and Quetzalcoatl and has passed four era of development. The first era Four Jaguars in which the Supreme deity in an image of the Sun was Teskatlipoka, has ended with destruction Jaguars a tribe of giants, living then the Earth. In the second era of Four Winds the Sun became Quetzalcoatl, and she has come to the end with hurricanes and transformation of people into monkeys. The third Sun became Tlalock, and his era of Four Rains has ended with the world fire. In the fourth era Four Waters the Sun was the goddess of waters Chalchiutlikue. This period has come to the end with a flood during which people have turned to fishes. The modern, fifth era of Four Earthquakes good luck Sun Tonatiu, should end with terrible accidents.
Indians divided time on cycles. It is known, that the current cycle of the long account, or the Epoch of the Fifth Sun, began, 4 Ahay, 8 Kumhu. It has taken place: on August 11, 3114 B.C., at correlation 584283, or on August 13, 3114 B.C. at correlation 584285. Thus, the current calendar cycle will end in December 2012, or on December 20, 2012 (correlation 584283), or on December 22, 2012 (correlation 584285). On a calendar Maya there will be a date, 3 Kavak, 2 Kankin, and next day, on December 21, 2012 (correlation 584283) or on December 23, 2012 (correlation 584285), will begin new Era,, 4 Ahay, 3 Kankin.
Priests of Maya spoke that from the moment of creation of a sort human left already four cycles, or Sun. On legends Maya, each cycle comes to the end practically with utter annihilation of the civilization living in this cycle. Four human races which were lost during great cataclysms were replaced. And only few people have survived, having told to that has taken place. Myths of Indians speak as follows: The First Sun last 4008 years, and has been destroyed by earthquakes. The Second Sun last 4010 years, and has been destroyed by hurricanes. The Third Sun last 4081 year and has fallen under the fiery rain which has spilled from craters of huge volcanoes. The Fourth Sun (5026 years) was destroyed with a flood. Now we live in last "katun" the Fifth Epoch of Creation, or The Fifth Sun. It is known also as The Sun of Movement. Maya believed that after end of a present, 5126-years cycle there will be a certain movement of the Earth that will cause destruction of our civilization.
Let's present the interpretation of myths of Indians. We believe, that the developments described an era and an epoch of the Sun are not connected by time frameworks of calendar cycles, and describe global changes during evolution of fauna of the Earth. The first era Four Jaguars concerns to extinction of dinosaurs - she has ended with destruction of "giants" about 65 million years. The second era Four Winds has ended with occurrence of the person skilful, Homo habilis about 2,5 million years ago. The third era Four Rains has ended about 13,000 years ago when the planet has turned from natural positions on 23 degrees, and began the Glacial age. The fourth era Four Waters concerns to the period of time from 13,000 years ago up to a Flood of 1250 B.C. For last years the Earth 4 times changed the position in space and an arrangement of the parties of light. During a flood of 1250 B.C. people «have turned to fishes», i.e. have sunk. Now there passes the fifth era of Four Earthquakes. She comes to the end on December, 20-23, 2012. The ending of an era will be accompanied certain by «movement of the Earth». This movement also is Over-Kiel when the planet will overturn in complex three axial rotation which will end with stabilization of the Earth at which North Pole begins in the geometrical center of Antarctica.
Let's consider change of parameters of rotation of the Earth in circumsolar space last 13,000 years prior to 2012 inclusive:
1. Till 13000 the Earth borrowed stable position concerning a plane ecliptic when Antarctica was in Northern hemisphere, the center of Antarctica looked at North Star Tara. When began this period of stable rotation it is not known yet. Concerning Russia the Sun ascended on the part of Europe, and came aside Kamchatka. Russia was in the Southern hemisphere.
2.13000 years ago the Earth because of thawing polar caps has got in a stable position when poles were displaced on 23 degrees from the present position. The Antarctic Region has got in the Southern hemisphere. Concerning Russia the Sun ascended on the part of Kamchatka, and came aside Europe. Russia appeared in Northern hemisphere.
3.7517 years ago God–Father «has created the world in a star temple» - has exposed the Earth the center of Antarctica to North Star Tara. Over-Kiel of the Earth has passed under the control of the God–Father over essential flooding, floods and turns of earthquakes. Concerning Russia the Sun ascended on the part of Europe, and came aside Kamchatka. Russia was in the Southern hemisphere.
4. In 1250 B.C. Nij-Noah-Kronos at will God has arranged a flood, i.e. has changed position of the Earth in space. After complex rotation of the Earth within half-year of a pole were displaced from ideal position on 10 degrees. Concerning Russia the Sun ascends on the part of Kamchatka, and comes aside Europe. Russia appeared in Northern hemisphere.
5. Since April, 2010 on the end of 2012 at any moment the Earth will make the next Over-Kiel, and the geometrical center of Antarctica becomes North Pole looking to North Star Tara. The South Pole appears in area of island Elomir, that near to Greenland. Concerning Russia the Sun begins to ascend on the part of Europe, and to come aside Kamchatka. Russia will get in the Southern hemisphere and next Golden Century will begin.
All these transformations occur to our planet with regular frequency about time in 3250 years. For last millennia is Over-Kiel have become frequent. Earlier Over-Kiel influenced evolution of the alive world on a planet. Now they directly influence a human civilization. Planetary cataclysms are connected to natural essence of the Earth.
The Earth is a reasonable essence, mother of all alive. She in the millennia suffers parasites that continuously torment its flesh. Today parasites of steel hominids is people reasonable spiritual (Homo sapiens moralis). However spirituality of people under the direction of elite of earthmen is aggressively suppressed by the animal beginnings which return the person reasonable spiritual in a wild condition. The mother–nature for a long time has thought up a way to get rid from blood sucks such as fleas and mosquitoes. Mostly, she destroys torturers on the single, sometimes groups, arranging floods, earthquakes and a tsunami. When the problem becomes aggravated, the planet knows, that is necessary to be stirred up simply sharply. Under the figurative description of Prince V.A. Yusupov, there comes the moment, when the Earth as a dog, the charter from importunate insects, sharply shakes a skin and a body here and there. The become impudent parasites scatter, anywhere, losing a source peep also a place of dwelling. Then the Earth calms down, again there comes a long dormant period and harmonies with the essences occupying its surface and water open spaces.
Conversations on global warming is that other as inventions of incompetent people. Actually, the Earth prepares for Over-Kiel, or the big stirring with change of poles of rotation. Slowly but truly there is displacement of climate. The planet is arranged under a new configuration of geographical belts and climatic zones. It is obvious, that the Earth is on a regular basis subject to oscillatory processes which change conditions of its rotation and coordinates of poles - geographical and magnetic. Today these phenomena are caused in the greater degree by influence of people on the nature, than the physical reasons. On the person metaphysical influence at a planetary level which modern scientists do not want to notice.

2. Probable threats

Let's consider possible geophysical processes of Over-Kiel.
The Earth rotates about the axis without support in world space. She is kept with only gravitational forces of an environment. The Earth - not sphere and not ellipsoid, and is hyoid is in a cut reminds compress a sac, and a southern part hyoid is greater northern part. At infringement of stability of the rotation caused by thawing of polar caps and external gravitational influences, the planet will be broken in complex rotation, already without seen axes and coordinates. People become witnesses of terrible event: the sun will replace the moon some times in day, and contours of the star sky will get unusual outlines, changing with kaleidoscopically frequency. Night and day will alternate under not clear laws. The Earth will rotate on several axes at once …
At last, the planet will calm down and will borrow stable position in space, simultaneously rotating along one axis. On our reconstruction, the South Pole will return to former position which was up to a flood - on island Elomir, that at coast of Greenland. North Pole will be placed in the center of Antarctica. Magnetic poles of a planet will change also. To predict consequences of Over-Kiel today it is difficult.
Let's stop on the physical phenomena which will accompany with fluctuations, movement of the Earth. There will be a huge tidal wave - a tsunami which can be height from five hundred meters up to one kilometer. She will start to move on a planet, sweeping away all on the way. Presumably, the wave will pass away from Russia - will move on the south, to the western civilizations. All mega cities at coasts of civilized countries will be washed off together with inhabitants. The huge wave will be months shake World Ocean, forming interference in some places that amplifying, weakening. It is obvious, that the ocean will be rolled on India and China from the south, having transformed these countries in water open spaces. In half-year water will go on recession and outlines of a shore of continents will get the same kind what was till 1250 B.C. Are all territories of the Earth where is now lowlands, sand and deserts become sea-bottom.
Practically all of court and submarines which appear in the sea will be destroyed. All supertankers will be pulled down - and oil will be poured out in World Ocean. Transported chemicals and chemical manufactures on coast of oceans will lead to emission of dangerous pollution in water. Nuclear submarines and warships will be lost, infecting environment radioactive substances. All oil derricks will be destroyed. Practically all World Ocean will be infected with mineral oil, chemical and radioactive substances. Fishes and sea predators will receive free-of-charge « the food additive » as people and the numerous animals that have been washed off by a tsunami in the sea.
Besides a tsunami, on an earth's crust the seismic wave will pass. She some times will round globe, sweeping away structures on the way. It is obvious, that many high-altitude buildings will fail, having buried under themselves of the inhabitants. To be in unreliable high-altitude houses and simply inhabited multi-storey structures it will be extremely dangerous. In seismically dangerous zones the cascade of earthquakes which will strengthen an external shock wave will begin. For example, it will be lowered in World Ocean California with all magnificent inhabitants. Sad appears future Japan and other island states. It is obvious, that all chinks obtaining oil and gas will be displaced from the places and will cease to gush forth. In the future repeated investigation and drilling are required. Probably will be kept only underground oil and gas holders.
Except for direct influences such as a tsunami and seismic activity a civilization wait techno genius for test. The Earth is a space magnetic body, with a high degree of intensity of a magnetic field. At shift of rotation hyoid on some degrees there will be the strongest electromagnetic pulse from the induced induction. This phenomenon refers to EMI (an electromagnetic impulse). In due time super states developed the special nuclear weapon causing pulse EMI for destruction of the equipment and means of protection of the probable opponent. At cataclysm force of currents in electric circuits will be so great, that practically all modern electric and electronic equipment will be put out of action and huge efforts on his restoration will be necessary.
Consequences EMI are difficult for describing today. In a general view the cataclysm will occur approximately so. First of all space grouping of satellites will be lost. All planes, helicopters and the automatic devices which are taking place in air will fall to the ground and will be broken together with crews and passengers. All systems of the prevention of a rocket - nuclear attack and system of tracking will break down. All complex weapon including ballistic missiles, becomes disabled. EMI even can cause operation of some types of detonators in warheads. All working automobiles will decay because of damage of electric equipment. TV and radio will cease to work, the equipment will break down. Working computers and electronic networks, including the Internet will burn down. Trains will stop and electric mains will break down. Power stations for a long time will stop to work. People using electronic stimulators of work of heart and electronic devices in hospitals for maintenance of a life, will die. All electronic inter bank communications will be disturbed the economy will be plunged into chaos. Swapping of fuel on oil and to gas mains will be stopped. If it will take place in December, 2012 cities, settlements and the industry in Russia will freeze. The Earth will return a civilization in a primitive condition.
Influence of geophysical factors will lead to occurrence of a mass psychosis and the majority of people will run into an animal condition when their consciousness will stay in a twilight zone. The uncontrolled behavior of people will provoke sharp growth criminal situations in a society - violence, robberies, murders, rapes and cannibalism. In mega cities the situation will be aggravated by that in high-altitude houses lifts will not work, illumination, the water drain, a water pipe. Old and ailing people will be deprived opportunities to support the vital signs. Absence of fresh food, pure water and elementary sanitary conditions will cause mass epidemics and destruction of people. In case of mass destruction of inhabited and office buildings in cities and settlements there will be centers of infection of ground and water fragments of dead ph. Services of rescue cannot assist all requiring. Winter time without heating and hot food in mega cities will aggravate and so uneasy humanitarian situation. In rural areas domestic and wild animals will be, as well as people, are disoriented in space and can show attributes of furiousness.
Complex of planetary problems begin to amplify every day a stable rotation of the Earth, in fact on the Bible data the last Flood proceeded 180 days. For removal of this threat it will be necessary to stabilize as soon as possible the Earth in a space as spoke ancient - «to create the world in a star temple».
At the end of 2012 there will be conditions at which defeat of the Earth by any flash on the Sun is possible - happen it can, when there will be a Great Parade of planets. In December all planets of solar system will be built on one line from the Sun, the Galaxy directed to the center. Large protuberance on the Sun can strike in a direction of this axis. Then the killing stream of the charged particles will fall upon the Earth, neutrino, neutrons, scale, x-ray and simply thermal radiation.
Exist ancient a prediction of the future events in Vedas of Perun and in Sacred John Revelation. It agrees Vedas [1509], Santia 6:

2 (82). The God Multi wise spoke, words are those:
Know people, that heavy times...
Will bring a stream of the River of Time
On the Sacred ground of Race Great...
Also will stay on the ground this
Only Priests - keepers of Ancient Knowledge
And Wisdom Secret...
... For people use
Force of elements of the Midgard-ground
Also will destroy the Small Moon
And the World fine...

3 (83). Great Night will shroud the Midgard-ground...
And Fire Heavenly
Will destroy many edges of the ground...
There where fine gardens blossomed
Great Deserts will reach...
Instead of life to give birth a land
The seas will rustle,
And there where waves of the seas lapped,
High mountains will appear,
Covered with eternal snows...

4 (84). People begin to be hidden from rains poisoned
Death bearing, in caves
And to eat will start flesh of animals,
For fruits wood will be filled with poisons
And many people will die,
Having tried them in I peep...
The poisoned streams of water will bring many death
To children of Race Great
And to descendants of the Sort Heavenly
And sufferings to people will be brought with thirst...

3. Preventive actions

The complex of problems of planetary Over-Kiel should be studied carefully, for the present there is time. However it thaws with surprising speed. Anybody from modern global elite about a finger has not struck a finger on preparation of the population and a planet for cataclysm.
Only Princes of Russ can help a planet and people with minimization of consequences of the future accident. Princes dynasties of tsar of tsars of Russ where enter Rurikovich’s, Genghis Khan’s, Hashemit’s and Seid’s, descendants of Rahula, descendants of daughters Miuko, Incas and descendants Confucius, possess the certain qualities incorporated at a genic level. In Russia live survived Rurikovich’s, Genghis Khan’s and descendants of Prophet Mohammed. Them some is tens thousand person.
Princes possess ability to create Merkaba, or Chariot of Kubara, or Vaitmar. This strongest metaphysical field is which can cooperate with a planetary field of the Earth. Princes Russia can make controllable revolution of an axis of the Earth for former stable position when the South Pole will return on island Elomir, that near to Greenland and North Pole will be placed in the center of Antarctica. Thus casual processes of fluctuation of a planet and rotation on several axes will be prevented. First of all everything will be made to keep in inviolability territory of Russia. However coasts of the country, it is especial on Pacific Ocean, to keep it will not be possible. Besides after revolution huge areas in Western Siberia and northern territories of the country will be flooded. The ancient Scythian ocean in Western Siberia will be restored, it will incorporate to Caspian sea, Azov and the Black seas, probably, Caspian sea will incorporate to Baltic - through Ukraine and Belarus, pass to Indian ocean through Iran (through hydrochloric deserts) is formed.
Princes of Russ can protect a planet from flashes on the Sun if will establish Merkaba, or a field of Chariot of Kubara above all planet, the size in some radiuses of the Earth. The power stream from the Sun will round the Earth on power lines of Chariot of Kubara. The life on a planet will be rescued.
For minimization of consequences of accident it is necessary to lead the whole complex of actions and urgent measures. It concerns creation of stocks of oil, mineral oil and the liquefied gas. It will be necessary to lead preservation of oil and gas chinks. It is necessary to secure military fleet, having moved bases and parking lots of the ships inside of the country. It is necessary to stop flights of planes. To prepare electric systems and system of power supply and power stations is to EMI. To prepare morally and spiritually the population is for possible victims. It is necessary to check up all available housing on seismic stability, to warn tenants of shabby buildings about possible destruction and necessity of crossing to more suitable places of dwelling: in village and on country sites. It is necessary to return all financial accumulation from foreign banks to Russia and to transform them into material resources, for example, to buy gold and new technologies, to construct small technological factories on manufacture of computers, solar batteries, medicine techniques, food stuffs, etc.
It is necessary to generate the special program on rescue of cultural and art values. The most significant subjects of art should be moved to the center of the European part of Russia and to Ural. It is necessary to prepare museums of coastal cities, first of all Saint Petersburg, for partial or full evacuation. After end of the period of a stable rotation of the Earth and if it will be possible to avoid cataclysm, values will be returned back.
All complex of works on preparation of the country and economy for probable accident should be begun as soon as possible on time, not delaying and not shutting eyes a reality of planetary Over-Kiel.
For minimization of losses from the world accident it is necessary to restore urgently the former system of a civil defense, to reactivate bombproof shelters, again to create strategic stocks of food stuffs and articles of prime necessity. It is necessary to prepare the special program of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on actions during cataclysm. It is necessary to establish global system of the sound and light prevention of the population and military men about threatening threat. In coastal areas around of the seas and oceans it is necessary to create the whole network of concrete constructions is refuges – dolmen’s. They will remind UFOs on concrete support with an aperture in the center of a construction through which people can rise inside dolmen’s. At occurrence of a tsunami people can survive in these refuges without the special means, in fact the given device will operate as a deep-water diving bell.
In cities, settlements and on military objects it is necessary to repair and prepare underground refuges and cellars for reception of people and possible victims. In them it is necessary to lay the minimal sets of products, medicines and articles of prime necessity. It is necessary to create emergency system of communication on all country, to supply refuges and cellars with necessary techniques and the equipment.
In city zoos on all country it is necessary to place as much as possible rare animals, which else is not present at us in the country. Except for wild animals also it is necessary to contain breeding pets, birds and fishes in zoos. For the decision of this problem it is necessary to carry out the state program of the help to zoos.
It is necessary to create also strategic state storehouse of samples of grain, seeds of plants, to make stocks of sperm and egg a cells as it is possible a lot of animals, birds, fishes and insects.
It is necessary to accept the program of protection and support of libraries and to generate electronic databanks of all information accessible to us on a science, histories, to techniques, technologies, etc.
Princes of Sacred Russ are ready to protect the Earth and its peoples from influence of elements. For the decision of this complex problem Princes of Russ believe to transform all Russia into the Ark of rescue. In a case if the mankind will not listen to preventions and advice of princes of Russia, and the executive authority will not admit them to levers of management of Russia for prevention of general accident Princes will be compelled to be limited to protection only the direct relatives. It concerns not only Over-Kiel, but also the savings of people from flash on the Sun.

4. Formation of public opinion

The major condition of preparation of the population to Over-Kiel of the Earth is formation of positive public opinion about this grandiose and terrible natural phenomenon.
Anything is not predetermined yet - to whom to live, and to whom to die. For long millennia of a human civilization people have got used to survive in the most complicated conditions of the elements and world wars. If peoples have managed to bridle the ambitions and to not untie general nuclear war we shall manage to be prepared and for possible displays of world cataclysm.
With development of technology, a science and techniques people have learned to build cities and the technical objects, intended to maintain the strongest earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, flooding and floods. All over the world there are systems of the notification about possible accidents, services of rescue and structure of a civil defense. In Russia there was one of the most structured systems of protection of the population from wars and nuclear attacks. Military and usual medicine of Russia have absorbed in itself century experience of conducting wars and the help the victim at acts of nature. Now in Russia the effective Ministry of Emergency Measures operates.
It is necessary to inform up to consciousness of the population, experts, physicians, employees of power structures and officials an idea that to us is necessary to go through the natural phenomenon, the event on our fine planet is regular. Force and grandness of this event does not give in to the control people and means of techniques, however to be afraid of it is not necessary. Over-Kiel will not destroy a civilization completely, it will alter the existing world, having guided in it like order of God.
Over-Kiel it is not a doomsday, but the beginning of a new reality and a civilization. It is necessary to be prepared for it spiritually and financially. Spiritual preparation consists in return people to belief in God. Religious practice and training of meditation will prepare moral and material consciousnesses of people for the strongest metaphysical and geophysical influence of the nature on the person.
According to our researches of a history, modern Over-Kiel will collapse all power of the elements on the western civilization is east and western coasts USA, the Great Britain, the Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In east hemisphere to the maximal destruction the most ancient civilizations of China and India will undergo. Waves of a tsunami will transform Taiwan and Japan into naked desert.
In selective influence of elements it is possible to see religious aspect. First of all the world evil is Jews– Masonic civilization will be punished. Godless communistic China in which the belief in the God was pursued long decades will considerably suffer. However India will be destroyed without the logic religious reasons.
The tsunami will sweep through Israel where local residents tried to create an empire of a deceit and lie, being based on erroneous religious conclusions, having transformed belief in the God in a version of a policy. Sacred places of Moslems in Saudi Arabia also will undergo to destruction, the most part of the country will turn in a sea-bottom as it was in the remote past.
Heavy tests are coming Russian people. Princes of Russ will make everything that all Russia became the Ark of rescue. Practically 500 years Russia lived in conditions of Distemper when the sort of Russia was pursued by governors–favorites with full connivance of people overlooked the roots and primogenitors. It is necessary to overcome consequences of Distemper, to restore kind mutual relations of Russian people and Sacred Russia. This reconciliation will enable Princes of Russ to protect Russia a spiritual barrier and a special, virtual field is a cover of Russia. The spiritual consent of Princes of Russ and Russian people will transform Russia into inviolable island which will be bypassed with elements. Completely to avoid amazing factors of cataclysm it will not be possible, but harmful consequences will be minimized.
Russian people should realize the mission, to believe the primogenitors are Princes of Russ. The belief should be based on Orthodoxy, the Islam and the Buddhism, depending on traditional views of separate people and peoples. The belief of people can become stronger in churches, temples and mosques. The mass-media should provide informing of the population on forthcoming events and opportunities of overcoming of consequences of impact of elements.

5. Actions during accident

Actions on preparation for Over-Kiel should share on five levels. The maximum step will be preparation of the state as a whole at a federal level. The following step will be preparation at a level of subjects of federation - republics, edges and areas. Then the step of cities, settlements and villages follows. The fourth level will be preparation of separate houses, residential buildings, the enterprises, banks, and also places of public catering, social objects and rendering of medical aid. Last step will be preparation of families and separate citizens.
At each level it is necessary to develop a complex of the actions directed on overcoming of possible consequences of accident and the help by the victim. For these purposes it is required to form stocks of the foodstuffs, articles of prime necessity, hygiene, medical products, and fuel. It is necessary to develop routes of evacuation of people, values and to allocate for these purposes necessary monetary resources, motor transport and others means.
Each person should be prepared personally for accident, take care of the family and relatives. There is a set of recommendations how to behave in extreme situations. In conditions of approaching elements it is necessary to be prepared for evacuation in countryside. If there are in the property country houses, summer residences or garden sites it is necessary to prepare these premises for constant stay in conditions of winter as, probably, to live in cities and mega cities after accident it will not be possible long years. In fact high buildings can be completely destroyed by a seismic wave. In cities there will be no light, water, heating, the water drain and public catering establishments will not work. Supply by food stuffs and articles of prime necessity will be disturbed. The epidemiological situation in large settlements becomes critical. Under fragments of buildings and constructions will stay not burial bodies.
Everyone to the man should enter the unions of hunters, to get the accessible smooth-bore weapon for self-defense and hunting, to make stocks of an ammunition and means of service and cleaning of the weapon. Families should create stocks of means of hygiene, articles of prime necessity, water treating, potable water in plastic capacities, fuel, medicines. At presence of money resources it is possible to prepare houses for independent power supply - to buy wind generators, panels of solar batteries and batteries of accumulation of energy for work in night or windless conditions. It is necessary to make stocks of fire wood and other fuel. In cellars and cool premises it is possible to make a stock of seeds of various vegetables and a potato.
In case of the beginning of world cataclysm at operation of means of the notification of the population, families will need to gather in beforehand stipulated places of a meeting for evacuation from cities in countryside. The seismic wave has restriction on the speed therefore there will be small time for evacuation of people in rural areas. In coastal cities and settlements people should be placed quickly in dolmen’s, bombproof shelters or other protective constructions. All actions on evacuation and accommodation in refuges should be fulfilled beforehand, to finish them with automatism, to not admit occurrence of a panic and destruction of people from amazing factors of elements. Evacuation is necessary for carrying out without use of motor transport as influence EMI will result it in unsuitability. There is an opportunity to prepare motor transport with application of special shielding electric devices that it could work at electromagnetic influence. The population should understand, that a communication facility will break down also to everyone it is necessary to hope only for the forces and beforehand prepared plan. The help from the state and local authorities during action of elements can not come. After accommodation in places of evacuation and adjustment of a life it will be necessary to render the feasible help to neighbors, victims and refugees.
Long years on restoration of a civilization and adjustment of a normal life are coming mankind. The it will more be kept the population and simply healthy and mentally steady people, the chances of a fast output of Russia from planetary crisis are higher.

6. The program of a conclusion of a planet from crisis

Over-Kiel can proceed from half-year about several years. Lengthening of cataclysm will lead to utter annihilation of a reasonable life on a planet, will considerably reduce a variety of flora and fauna of the Earth. The main task of Princes of Russia will be exhibiting and focus the Earth in a space in stable position which can be supported by long millennia. 2012 should become new « creation of the world in a star temple », a reference point of "Golden Age" of a human civilization.
The first item of the program of an output from Over-Kiel the stop of chaotic rotation of a planet and its exhibiting in stable position, mirror to a modern condition concerning a plane ecliptic becomes. Northern the pole of a planet will settle down above the geometrical center of Antarctica, and the South Pole will fall to island Elomir near to Greenland. This problem will execute Princes of Russ by management of a planet of a field of Chariot of Kubara.
The second item will be formation of a special migratory motoring map on which refugees and victims from all parts of the world will be settled on territory of Russia. In cancers of a motoring map it is necessary to prepare beforehand territories for settling, to generate an infrastructure, to bring necessary communications.
The third item of the program development of agriculture for manufacture of grain, vegetables, fruits and berries, and also breeding duplication of the escaped pets becomes. Within the framework of the agricultural program it is necessary to provide distribution of domestic cattle to families and farms in leasing, receiving as payment natural products.
The fourth item will be restoration of generating capacities in heat and electric power industry with use for needs of a national economy of strategic stocks of oil and gas. Is restoration of manufacture of mineral oil. In case of impossibility of fast repair of factories it is required to develop the elementary overtake systems for manufacture of gasoline and a diesel engine. Restoration of an oil recovery and gas in the limited scales, new drilling of old chinks and struggle against floods of oil.
The fifth item of the program will be restoration of manufacture of the foodstuffs and essential commodities. Is restoration of automobile and motor techniques. Is renewal of extraction of minerals. Is stage-by-stage restoration of industrial production, manufacturing of raw material and semi finished items. Is restoration of wire telecommunication, reanimation of optical cables and renewal of work of the Internet. Is stage-by-stage restoration of radio and telecasting.
The sixth item reanimation of public health services and formation becomes. Is restoration of medical, school, high school and social objects.
The seventh item will be restoration of economy and the finance. Is introduction of new system of monetary circulation, an establishment of the new economic order based on objective laws of development of a society. Is formation of the international reserve currency on the basis of ruble and a gold equivalent.
The eighth item restoration of ecological equilibrium on a planet becomes. Is clearing of the seas, oceans and surfaces of the ground from floods of oil and mineral oil, chemical and radioactive substances. Deactivation of nuclear objects. Is sanitary processing of ruins of cities and settlements. Is restoration of the sanitary control.
The ninth item will be creation of efficient army of a new sample, formation of national militia and estate Vikings. A safety the order and legality is in all territory of Russia and the adjoining countries.
The tenth item formation in Russia the new state is the Third Rome uniting all countries and nations of the world, escaped after cataclysm becomes.

Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev


News of Holy Russia 05.05.2024: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

News of Holy Russia 11.04.2024: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Title Baron of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich on Knight Christian Francois Balfroid. Viscount Masaru Kamitani was appointed Ambassador of Culture of Holy Russia and the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Japan.

News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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