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News of Sacred Russia 23.09.2012: International recognition of works of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev.

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Orthodox University Ecclesiae in Brazil the Doctor of Theology to Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev has appropriated a scientific degree. International encyclopedia Hubers Who is Who has placed the biography of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on the pages.

For outstanding merits and numerous publications of works on divinity and histories of Christianity Rector of Orthodoxus Universitas Ecclesiae (Brazil) has appropriated on September 15, 2012 to Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev a scientific degree the Doctor of Theology.

Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev also has been appointed by the Grand Sovereign Protector of Orthodox University Ecclesiae about what the corresponding decree has been written out.

We congratulate the winner on this recognition, and also we thank a management of University for the shown respect and attention for the chapter of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.

The new edition of international encyclopedia Hubers Who is Who was published in the middle of September 2012 (Who is Who in Russia). The honorable gentleman of community became Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. On pages of the edition the biography of Grand Prince is placed.

Here the text of the biography from Who is Who:

Kubarev Valeriy Viktorovich, Grand Prince and Great Seneschal of the August House of Rurikovich, a title surname: Grand Kubensky Rurikovich.
Profession: the engineer – mechanic, the writer, policies; the president; Company: Fund of assistance to the national and religious consent of Princes; Address: 121170, Moscow, street. Neverovskogo, h. 9, office 310; D. of B.: 02.12.1962, Moscow; Children: Alexei (1984) - the manager, Andrew (1991) - the student of high school; Rel.: Kubarev Victor Pavlovich (1927-95), Kubareva Nina Petrovna (1927-2001); Anc.: Kubarev Alexey Mihailovich - grandgrandfather - in XIX century was professor of Moscow University, the expert on classic languages, ancestors by the father – Princes Kubensky’s, one of them, Prince Ivan Ivanovich Kubensky in 1544-46 was juvenile Ivan Terrible official trustee; Ed.: 1985 – Moscow Aviation Institute by name S. Ordzhonikidze (MAI), the engineer – mechanic; Cv.: 1983-88 - Institute of applied mathematics him. M.V. Keldysh of Academy Since of USSR, m.n.s.; 1988-2004 - Russian and foreign commercial structures, director of Cooperative society, Commercial Banks, Gen. Dir. Joint-stock company; with 2004 – political activity, chairman of organizing committee of the Party of orthodox democracy, the president of Fund of Princes; Succ.: participated in the first start of space-rocket system Buran (1988); successful literary and political activity; Publ.: more than 30 since publications, 2 copyright certificates on inventions, the author of hundred publications in the Russian seal and the Internet on political, historical and philosophical questions, and also 7 books, switching: Conservative, Christ, Michael Hodorkovsky's Forbidden forum, Vikings, Vedas of Russ; Award: the gentleman of a medal Blessing of the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and all Russia Alexei II; Member: mem. The union of writers of Russia, mem. The maximum advisory council on steady development of Russia Gov. Duma of the Russian Federation; Hobby: conducting the Internet - Blogs; the Language: English; E-mail: info@kubarev.net; Website: www.kubarev.com; ■

Site of encyclopedia Hubers Who is Who: www.whoiswho-verlag.ru

The Coat of arms of Orthodoxus Universitas Ecclesiae (Brazil):

The diploma of the Doctor of Theology of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev:

The Decree about assignment to Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev of honorable title the Grand Sovereign Protector:

International encyclopedia Hubers Who is Who:

News of Holy Russia 12.02.2020: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
11.02.2020 held a seminar entitled “Another History. Professor Valeriy Kubarev”, at which the Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev solemnly awarded Patents for the Titles of Barons of The Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich for special scientific achievements to Dr. Iaroslav Arkadievich Kesler and Dr. Nikolai Sergeevich Kelline.

News of Holy Russia 11.02.2020: Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has visited Kingdom of Sweden.
Members of The Russian Imperial house of Rurikovich led by Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev took part in the Viennese Ball on Stockholm, the Grand Hotel, Sweden on February 7–10, 2020.

News of Holy Russia 03.02.2020: Granted the Titles of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Titles of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich: Countess to Dame Kristina Vitalievna Kubareva, Baron to Dr. Iaroslav Arkadievich Kesler, Baron to Dr. Nikolai Sergeevich Kelline (all from Russia), and Knight to Mr. Christian Francois Balfroid (Belgium).

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